Dare to buy and drink a few yuan a bottle of "high-end liquor"

  Reporters investigate the tricks of live wine selling

  Reporter Han Dandong

  Intern Wang Yitian

  "Kweichow Moutai stocks old wine, Feitian bulk wine" "Maotai flavor, guaranteed quality, excellent taste"... Not long ago, when Lao Liu from Hezhou, Guangxi was shopping on the online platform, he was attracted by a "famous wine" pushed, the anchor The eloquent introduction made Lao Liu "excitedly" place an order.

  After the 88 yuan bottle of liquor with the words "Maotai" and "Feitian" was sent home, Lao Liu excitedly opened it, but was dumbfounded - each bottle of 6 bottles of liquor was only wrapped in a layer of yellow tissue paper. There is no information, label on the bottle, "where and when it was made".

  "I originally wanted to pick up a big leak to buy Maotai, but I ended up buying a 'three-no product'." An angry Lao Liu immediately asked the online store customer service for a theory, and the other party only replied, "This wine is an old wine in stock, and there is no label for clearance processing." I don't care about Lao Liu anymore.

  Lao Liu's experience is not an exception.

A reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" recently found that with the rise of e-commerce platforms and live streaming, the sales of various liquors are booming. It is dazzling and dazzling, and food safety is difficult to guarantee.

  On April 27, the reporter entered a shopping platform and saw that there were a large number of low-priced "brand" liquor sales on it. The advertising pages and bottle packaging were printed with "Feitian Puree", "Kweichow Maotai Town" and "Thirty Years Collection Old Wine". " and other words, the price of each bottle ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan.

  In several live broadcast rooms, the anchors shouted hard: "Real Kweichow Moutai", "Moutai Town's Pure Brewing Craft", "Single bottle scan code price 299 yuan, live broadcast room welfare price, a bottle of 11 yuan, a box of 53.9 yuan ""Guaranteed quality, excellent taste, parents hurry up to place an order"...

  "We can't break the rules of the market, let's close the door to pet fans, you bought such an affordable wine, don't promote it to the little girl, close the door and enjoy yourself." In a live broadcast room on a certain platform, a female anchor said this.

Subsequently, a limited-edition "Wuliangye × × ×" wine was put on the live broadcast room, and the price of each bottle was only 1.1 yuan.

  After the reporter saved the pictures and compared the same liquor in the official flagship store of Wuliangye, it was found that the bottles and outer packaging of the two liquors are almost the same, but the implementation standard codes are completely different.

  Later, the female anchor took out a bottle of liquor priced at 1599 yuan per bottle at the brand flagship store and sold it at 298 yuan a bottle, which immediately triggered a large number of netizens to snap up, and the screen kept showing that someone placed an order successfully.

  It is precisely because of such slogans and the enthusiasm of netizens that in March this year, Mr. Zhang from Guilin, Guangxi, placed an order in an online store to buy 3 boxes of "Feitian Tasting Wine", and drank it with relatives and friends on his mother's birthday. .

When drinking it, Mr. Zhang felt that the taste of this wine was not very good. As a result, he and some relatives and friends experienced physical discomfort the next day, accompanied by headache and stomach cramps.

  Mr. Zhang quickly found the "certificate of conformity" in the wine box, and found that the "certificate of conformity" was counterfeit, and the manufacturer and the license number on the certificate did not match at all.

After Mr. Zhang reported the problem to the merchant, the merchant kept silent about the problem and only said that he was willing to compensate Mr. Zhang for 20 yuan.

In the end, Mr. Zhang decided to report the complaint to the relevant authorities.

  Some time ago, Mr. Wang from Yangjiang, Guangdong also placed an order to buy a similar wine. After drinking it, he developed dizziness, sore throat, diarrhea and other symptoms.

"Later I observed this wine and found that there was no information on the bottle except a QR code."

After he complained to the online platform, after negotiation, the merchant refunded 100 yuan.

  Chen Jun (pseudonym), a liquor industry practitioner from Tianjin, told reporters that many low-priced branded wines on the Internet are actually "OEM wines", and some small wineries have not obtained brand or technical authorization, processing and production without authorization, posing as famous brand wines. On sale, the quality of these wines is often difficult to guarantee.

  In a live broadcast room of a certain platform called "Hua Jian Yi Huo Liquor", the reporter asked the anchor about a "white water Dukang famous brew Yinhu Year commemorative wine". The anchor said that the reason for selling such a low price is because The manufacturer's inventory is urgent, and the warehouse is cleared, and it promises to be 100% authentic Baishui Dukang.

  When the reporter said that the wine was not found on the official website, the anchor changed his mind and said that this wine and Baishui Dukang have the same origin and are of the same quality.

After inquiries, the reporter found that the producer of this wine is an enterprise in Yanghe Town, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

  In the face of the above-mentioned chaos, many consumers commented and left messages and called them fooled.

  Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University, said that the Food Safety Law stipulates that food safety standards should include labels, signs and instructions related to food safety requirements such as hygiene and nutrition. Production Date.

"The sale of unlabeled alcohol by merchants violates the above regulations and is an act of selling unlabeled prepackaged food."

  For OEM wine, Zhu Yi believes that if the branded wine is authorized, the winery has the qualifications for production and operation, and the procedures are complete, and OEM is a legal act.

Due to the low cost and high profit of OEM wine, some online stores deliberately confuse OEM wine and famous wine for sale to attract consumers to buy. These stores and anchors are suspected of false propaganda and should bear corresponding responsibilities.

  Regarding the problem of unclear labeling of liquor on the Internet, Wu Xumeng, a lawyer from Guizhou Xinrui Linyang Law Firm, said that according to the product quality law, if the product label does not meet the requirements, it will be ordered to make correction; A fine of not more than 30% of the value of the products produced and sold illegally; if there is any illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated.

  In order to effectively rectify this chaos, Zhu Yi suggested to further strengthen the supervision responsibility of the network platform. If the supervision is not in place, the platform should bear joint responsibility.

Consumers should also improve their awareness of identification. Don't be greedy for cheap. To buy brand-name wine, you must go to a regular store. If your rights and interests are damaged, you must retain evidence to protect your rights in accordance with the law.

  Wu Xumeng also reminded that consumers should be aware of evidence when buying liquor online, keep payment vouchers and relevant chat records, communicate with merchants in a timely manner when disputes arise, complain to online platforms or competent authorities, and use the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests.