China News Service, April 29. According to the official Weibo news of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, on April 27, the police received clues from the disease control department. Li (male, 52 years old) did not cooperate with the epidemic prevention personnel during the transfer process. Personal itinerary is not provided truthfully.

It was verified that the person deliberately concealed his itinerary during the inquiries of the epidemic prevention staff, and went out shopping after being clearly told to observe at home.

On the 27th, Li and his family members were all diagnosed as confirmed cases, and his residence, Baiduizijia No. 23, Ganjiakou Street, Haidian District, was closed and managed.

At present, Li has been placed under criminal investigation by the Haidian Public Security Bureau.

  The police reminded that the prevention and control of the epidemic is everyone's responsibility.

I hope that everyone will strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, not interfere with the overall situation of epidemic prevention, and leave no hidden dangers to public safety.

The police will continue to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts that do not abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and hinder epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law.