With a unified national pass, why are many truck drivers still "people on the road"?

  Ban Yue Tan commentator Pan Ye Yang Shaogong

  "Getting a permit is more difficult than delivering" "It's harder than winning a lottery if you can get a permit" "With a permit, you need to test the nucleic acid on the spot, and you will be persuaded to return if you bring a star"... The pass is originally a logistics under the epidemic The "antidote" to the predicament is still questioned by truck drivers and logistics companies as "chicken ribs" in reality, complaining that "one certificate is difficult to obtain" and "one certificate is difficult to pass."

  Since April 18, all localities have successively issued the "Key Material Transport Vehicle Pass" (hereinafter referred to as the "Pass") in a unified style across the country, and require the strict implementation of the "Pass + 48-hour nucleic acid negative" at the provincial border crossings, "Pick up and go immediately". , immediately after” and other management systems, and must not restrict access on the grounds of waiting for nucleic acid results.

  As an important certificate to ensure the smooth transportation of key materials in the epidemic-related areas, the unified pass has indeed opened up the "blocking points" of freight in some fields, solved some logistics "dead knots" restricted by the epidemic, and largely resolved "deliberate blockages". The problem of "unwilling to pass" has been reversed, and the logistics obstruction caused by layers of prevention and control has been reversed.

However, many truck drivers were still full of helplessness when interviewed by Banyuetan reporters, believing that the logistics was still not really smooth, or that they were still not smooth.

  At present, the style of the pass has been unified across the country and the requirements of the pass have been unified, but it still takes a lot of time to check the authenticity of the certificate and check whether the pass conditions are met or not.

The fundamental reason is that from the grassroots level of the community to the top level of the country, from between communities to between provinces, traffic data and personnel information still cannot be interconnected and mutually recognized.

Although the basic requirements are unified, the degree of implementation and the procedures for implementation are different, and the rules and interfaces vary from place to place.

For example, there are still places that require drivers to undergo nucleic acid testing on the spot and wait for a negative result before they are released.

  In fact, even if a pass is issued, some places can only achieve "point-to-point" access.

Some truck drivers still have to wait for the release of the goods after they have delivered the goods to the designated place.

In some places, there is a clear order to pass the certificate, and the whole country is mutually recognized. In fact, each system is still set up, requiring drivers and enterprises to declare repeatedly, resulting in the situation of cross-province and even cross-city impassability.

Therefore, the pass solves "whether or not it can pass", but still needs to focus on "how to pass".

For the validity of the pass to be implemented, the whole process of the pass must be closed-loop and seamlessly connected.

  Smooth logistics under the epidemic is related to people's livelihood and economic development.

The "pass" is not smooth, and there is pain in the "pass". On the one hand, it is because some local governments have multiple doors, divisions, and layers of code. On the other hand, it is because there is a balance between maintaining smooth logistics and strengthening epidemic prevention and control. difficulty.

For the former, it is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the pass, strengthen supervision and accountability, so as to break the logistics "intestinal obstruction" caused by local protection and fragmentation; for the latter, it is necessary to encourage the grassroots to actively explore new measures and methods for coordinating efficiency and safety. , and encourage local governments to take the initiative, dare to, and actively connect, so that the main arteries of the national trunk highways can finally be opened.

  Source: Banyue Talks About New Media