Two German climbers were killed by an avalanche in South Tyrol.

The snow masses hit the two men on Wednesday when they climbed the Ortler - the highest mountain in the northern Italian province.

As the mountain rescue confirmed, one of the two men was found on Wednesday evening.

The search for the other was called off because of darkness.

On Thursday he could only be recovered dead.

Details about the two men were not initially known.

They left on Wednesday morning to climb the 3905 meter high Ortler via the difficult north face.

According to media reports, when the two media reports did not contact the relatives in the afternoon, they informed the mountain rescue service.

In the evening, one of the two was then located and rescued with the help of his avalanche search device.

The emergency services found the second climber on Thursday.

"He had a beeper with him, but it was broken.

He was in the avalanche cone.

That's why we made it so difficult for ourselves," said Olaf Reinstadler from the mountain rescue service in Sulden am Ortler to the Rai transmitter.