Before the Golden Week holidays from the 29th, people spending time abroad have begun to leave the country at Narita Airport.

The number of tourists is expected to increase significantly, as the Hawaii tour, which had been canceled due to the spread of the new corona infection, will be resumed for the first time in about two years. ..

Expected congestion at the quarantine station in the second half of consecutive holidays when returnees are concentrated

The quarantine at Narita Airport, which is responsible for border measures, is expected to be crowded in the latter half of the long holidays when returnees are concentrated.

In quarantine, all immigrants are confirmed to be negative by pre-departure tests and vaccinated, and antigen tests are also conducted.

We have expanded the waiting space by 1.5 times from the middle of this month to facilitate the procedure, but even now it takes about 3 hours on average, and in some cases 7 hours, as it is almost full.

Due to the relaxation of travel restrictions to the United States and other countries during the Golden Week holidays, the number of Japanese people spending overseas has increased significantly compared to last year, and it is expected that quarantine will take longer than it is now. Will be done.

If you can't fit in the waiting space, you have to ask to stay inside the aircraft.

Kazuhiko Ide, Quarantine Section 1, Narita Airport Quarantine Station, said, "The space available for quarantine at the airport has reached its limit. If the number of travelers increases, it is expected to become even more crowded."

Quarantine stations are calling for the use of dedicated apps amid concerns about congestion.

With this app, you can fill out the questionnaire and pledge required for quarantine, and pre-register the negative certificate and vaccination certificate before departure using your smartphone.

Mr. Ide says, "If you use the app, the procedure after arrival will go smoothly, so please use it."