Model Hailey Bieber has spoken out about the signs and risks of cardiovascular disease following a health emergency.

She wanted to tell her story in her own words, said the 25-year-old in a YouTube video she published on Wednesday (local time).

Pop star Justin Bieber's wife opens up about being hospitalized in March after suffering a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known colloquially as a "mini-stroke."

The symptoms suddenly started at the breakfast table, Bieber said.

First she noticed a strange feeling in her arm and numb fingers.

"The right side of my face started to droop, I couldn't get a sentence out.

I immediately thought I was having a stroke.” After several tests, the diagnosis of TIA was made in the hospital.

In her case, the cause of the blood clot was a combination of hormonal contraception, a recent recovery from Covid 19 disease and a long flight.

However, the doctors initially did not know how the blood clot got into her brain, Bieber continued to report.

A small hole was later found in her heart, which prevented the blood clot from being filtered out.

This hole has been closed and she is on the mend.

Along with the video, the model shared more information on stroke symptoms and health care.

"If anyone sees this who's been through the same thing or something similar, I really sympathize with you," Bieber said.

"And I understand how life-changing and scary that is."