"Welcome to the Mushroom House" broke the circle, "Detective Academy" and "Mao Xuewang" continued to shine

  High-quality content supports waist variety shows

  As the pilot program of the sixth season of "Longing for Life", "Welcome to the Mushroom House" was launched in a hurry and the funds were in short supply, but unexpectedly became popular.

It can be seen that waist variety shows with low cost, small volume and small coffee position also have their own way of survival.

For example, the simple and slow variety show "Mao Xuewang" has been made into a variety show of the year, and "The Detective Academy", which is a spin-off program of "Star Detective", has completed its fifth season and has gained a batch of show fans.

When the head variety show gradually moves towards a huge volume with high investment, long time, and strong coffee position, a group of waist variety shows are supported by high-quality content, continue to shine, and even break the circle.

  Reporter Liu Yuhan

  "The poorest program group" counterattack and turn over

  "Welcome to the Mushroom House" is a pilot program pre-warmed for the sixth season of "Longing for Life". There are only 5 short episodes, and only Mango TV members can watch it.

The content is that Chen Chusheng, Su Xing, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yuan, Wang Zhengliang, and Lu Rover, the top 13 contestants of "Happy Boys" in 2007, came to the mushroom house to experience life for two days and one night.

Unexpectedly, this inconspicuous little show has spawned an unexpected variety show effect, with its own hot search topic breaking the circle, triggering continuous hot discussions on social platforms, and the number of readers on the topic of "Welcome to Mushroom House". Reached 600 million, and the program received 8.7 points of praise on Douban.

"Welcome to the Mushroom House", known as the "poorest program group", turned over, and the audience expressed that they were also full of expectations for the "0713" (Top 13 Fast Boys in 2007).

  "Welcome to the Mushroom House" was affirmed and welcomed, and the audience praised the most for the rare truthfulness, naturalness, joy and touchingness of the show.

The guests of the show are all old acquaintances with a friendship of 15 years. They can brazenly argue with each other, and they can use sensitive topics such as "whose ranking did you dislike the most" to spy on each other, and they can use "not popular" "Fluffed" is a self-deprecating self-deprecation.

In front of good brothers, everyone can take off their usual masks and become funny comedians without a teacher.

"Laughing until the diaphragm cramps" "The harmonious atmosphere of honey juice is really addicting!" The joyous atmosphere of true friendship firmly attracted the audience.

  At the same time, under the appearance of joy, the show has honesty and heart-to-heart at any time.

The six people who have experienced the ups and downs of the entertainment industry for more than ten years have their own sense of story. They have the bitterness of "re-employment men's team", and they can sing the audience's tears by casually singing "I am the most shining" in the theme song of that year.

But at the same time, they were "lonely and arrogant", crying over their wine and crying in the middle of the night, and improvising "Deserved" with their guitars.

Some viewers said that there are more and more "beautiful dolls" in the current program, but it is more and more difficult to see real people. "Welcome to the Mushroom House" allows the audience to see the first two seasons of "Longing for Life". find that feeling.

  "Welcome to the Mushroom House" is a veritable small and weak ensemble.

It only took more than a month from the beginning of planning to the official launch of the program, and the budget was only 10%-20% of similar programs.

There are only 8 directors and 8 cameras in the entire program group, and the shooting lines and gimbal racks are also recycled from "Longing for Life", and even the on-site production is transferred from the company's finance, cashier, and administration.

Therefore, "Welcome to the Mushroom House" does not have such things as buying hot searches. Its popularity depends entirely on tap water Amway.

Small but excellent track takes a different approach

  Waist variety shows like "Welcome to the Mushroom House" with low cost, small volume, and small coffee position have found their own way of survival.

Without spending money, promoting coffee positions, and making productions, the show lost its usual variety show burden, focused all its energy on the content itself, and finally achieved word-of-mouth counterattacks.

The light of such a waist variety show also includes "The Detective Academy", which is a derivative program of "Star Detective". This program was originally attended by all amateur guests, and now it has achieved its fifth season, not only gaining a group of loyal fans , and also began to feed back "Zheng Palace Variety Show".

  "Famous Detective Academy" are all highly educated and handsome guys, including Pu Yixing and Wen Tao's "North-South Combination" - the former graduated from Nanjing University with a bachelor's degree, and the latter is the champion of the Qinghai Provincial Science College Entrance Examination and won the double honors of Peking University's Guanghua School of Management. Bachelor of Science.

Some of the guests in the show are good at calculation, some are good at logical deduction, and some can predict each other's behavior from a psychological point of view. Each show is a feast of IQ.

From the audience's perspective, "What's better than watching a bunch of smart, handsome guys play a game?"

  In addition, there are slow variety shows like "Mao Xuewang". The small days of Mao Buyi, Li Xueqin and Wang Cai have become a variety show for the year. The winter show is over, and the Spring Festival show has just begun.

"Mao Xuewang" won the Weibo Award for "2021 Pan-Life Variety Show". This show focuses on "recording the little things in the lives of young people" as the creative direction. The content of each episode is just half an hour. , Li Xueqin and friends chat easily presented.

The program scenes are limited to shopping at home and supermarkets. There is no topic setting for chat topics, and there is no deliberate guidance.

For example, how to save money by ordering takeout, how to deal with appearance anxiety, and living in a big city or a small place.

Some viewers said that "Mao Xue Wang" is a program with zero additions and no burden. "Watching "Mao Xue Wang" is as comfortable as sitting on the sofa at home."

  When the traffic and resources are more and more concentrated on the top variety shows, the program has also become a race to burn funds and compete for coffee positions. The higher and higher production costs and the longer and longer program duration will make it difficult for audiences Digestion.

The waist variety show has taken a different approach on the small and excellent track. As long as the audience's psychological comfort zone can be identified, it can be turned against the wind.