(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Members of the Mainland Aid Hong Kong Medical Team: We care about patients, and patients are also caring about us

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, April 27 Question: Members of the Mainland Aid Hong Kong Medical Team: We care about patients, and patients also care about us

  China News Agency reporter Suo Youwei

  Granny Gao, who was receiving treatment at the New Crown Treatment Center (hereinafter referred to as the "treatment center") at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, saw the name brand on Yang Yanqing's chest when she was fed by Yang Yanqing, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong aid. Read: "Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Yang Yanqing. Ah, I'm from Guangzhou too, I know this hospital."

  In an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency, Yang Yanqing, the nurse in charge of the First Department of Cardiovascular Intensive Care at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, first mentioned a patient she cared for on the fourth day of the treatment center, "At noon that day, Granny Gao was sitting on the bed in a depressed mood, she didn't want to eat, so I chatted with her about everyday things, fed her to eat, and got closer to her."

  Seeing the people from her hometown, Mrs. Gao opened the chat box: "I came to Hong Kong in 1984, and my daughter was born in the obstetrics and gynecology department of your hospital. She lived in 33 beds at that time. Some time ago, she was also positive, and there was no way to take care of me. You are so kind, like my daughter takes care of me."

  Yang Yanqing recalled that Granny Gao cared about her later and asked her if she was married and how her family was. "When I heard her ask me, I burst into tears and told her one by one. I can still feel the warmth of her hand."

Yang Yanqing said, her eyes were wet...

  Sitting next to Yang Yanqing, Yu Liting, the nursing team leader and chief nurse of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, patted Yang Yanqing's shoulder lightly, then smiled and said to a reporter from China News Agency: "Yan Sister Qing's tears are low, and she has cried several times in the treatment center."

  Yu Liting told a reporter from China News Agency that, more coincidentally, the place where Granny Gao lived before she came to Hong Kong was near where she now lives.

Talking about the horseshoe cakes, fried beef and the neighbors at Laoxiguan in Guangzhou, Granny Gao was very happy. "We are a good listener to her. When she was discharged from the hospital, my mother-in-law asked us to take a photo with her."

  "We entered Hong Kong with the third batch of medical teams to assist Hong Kong. After arriving in Hong Kong, after training and on-site observation, we officially entered the treatment center on March 21. The team members quickly adapted to the new environment and cooperated with local medical staff to fight the epidemic and exchange technologies. For the elderly, the medical team has set up specialized nursing teams such as wound stoma, nutritional support, and rehabilitation exercises to take good care of patients and reduce severe illness and mortality." Yu Liting said: "These days, there are many stories like Gao's mother-in-law. An Uncle Wu painted a beautiful painting for Sister Yanqing's son, Uncle Wu is not very flexible in his hands and feet, but he still insisted on painting because Sister Yanqing's service touched her."

  Yang Yanqing took over and told reporters the story of Uncle Wu.

After experiencing the careful care of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong aid, Uncle Wu wrote "Thanks to the motherland, the People's Republic of China" and gave it to Yang Yanqing's medical team.

  "One day after breakfast, Uncle Wu chatted with us about family affairs, and he was very sad when we talked about his parents have passed away. I wanted to divert his attention, so I took a pen and paper and suggested him to draw. He used trembling hands. I drew a little rabbit and gave it to me, and wrote the words 'For Yang Yanqing and Zaizai' on it."

  "I was in tears at the time, I was really moved, I felt that this old man was too caring." Yang Yanqing said, "After supporting Hong Kong this time, I feel that I have grown up and my family has grown. Later, I used this painting for I sent it to my family on WeChat, and my family was very moved, and my son wrote a diary about it.”

  "I voluntarily signed up to help Hong Kong, and treated our Hong Kong compatriots with the attitude of 'health first, protect life'. In our usual work, we are taking care of patients and how they are doing. In fact, many times they are also caring about us. "Yang Yanqing said.

  Compared with Yang Yanqing, whose child has grown to 12 years old and has been separated for the first time for more than a month, Yu Liting, who is currently single, is also the first time away from home for so long since he went to college.

"My parents are very supportive of me, they know my mission as a medical worker, as a mainland compatriot to support Hong Kong compatriots, is the friendship of a family whose blood is thicker than water. They often encourage me during video calls and tell me not to I'm worried about them." Yu Liting said, "Actually, my mother's birthday was just a few days ago, and it was the first time I didn't accompany her on her birthday. I never showed it when my mother called me. In fact, I felt a little guilty about her. I hope we can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, and I can go back to accompany her as soon as possible." Yu Liting, who said that Yang Yanqing's tears were low, choked up.