[Concurrent] Lian Yongzu, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong

  I am Lian Yongzu, a nurse practitioner in the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, and a member of the third batch of 300-member Hong Kong medical team.

  [Explanation] In order to help Hong Kong fight the fifth wave of the new crown epidemic, on March 16, a medical team consisting of 300 people in Hong Kong entered Hong Kong to support.

After the team members arrived in Hong Kong, after training and on-site observation, on March 21, the hundreds of Hong Kong-aided medical teams composed of medical, radiology, nursing and other specialties officially settled in the community treatment facility of the AsiaWorld-Expo, and quickly communicated with Hong Kong medical staff. People work together.

Lian Yongzu, head of the Nursing Team of the First Department of Intensive Care at Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, is one of them.

  [Concurrent] Lian Yongzu, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong

  Because after entering the red zone, I feel that I must be relatively unfamiliar with this environment at first.

After we went to the red zone, I felt that the Hong Kong nurses gave us a lot of tolerance and understanding, and then gave us a lot of patience, gave us answers to many, many questions and problems, and also gave us on-site guidance and training.

  [Commentary] Lian Yongzu said that during her work, what impressed her most was taking care of a grandma with a bad appetite.

  [Concurrent] Lian Yongzu, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong

  The one who impressed me the most was a grandmother, because she was not very good at eating in those days, so I went over to ask grandma, grandma, why did you stop eating and only eat these two bites of rice.

I said that all your children called and asked you to eat more, because everyone in the family was looking forward to your return to reunite with him as soon as possible. She said that my family called and asked me to eat more. Eat more, and then I successfully fed the meal, almost half of it, the first time I ate so much.

  [Explanation] Maybe it was because he was in a foreign land that Lian Yongzu could better experience grandma's thoughts about her children.

Lian Yongzu told reporters that although the work is hard, she has been accustomed to such a rhythm since she has participated in large-scale nucleic acid sampling many times.

On the contrary, her husband and two daughters at home made her feel guilty.

  [Concurrent] Lian Yongzu, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong

  My eldest daughter wrote me a letter from home, a few words touched me, I felt tears in my eyes, she said, "Mom, you are the "hero" of the family and the nurse in the hospital, but I just want you to be my mother The identity came back to me. I was watching it in the car at the time, and I wanted to cry when I saw it.

  [Commentary] After get off work every day, even if he is tired, even Yongzu has to make a video call with his husband and daughter to report safety.

  [Live sound] Lian Yongzu has a video call with his daughter Deng Mengyan


Baby, do you see (see), Mom (Mom!) What are you doing now?

(I am drawing) You are drawing!

Who is this baby, who is this painting?

(The one above is Deng Mengyan (the youngest daughter)) The one above is Deng Mengyan!

Who else is there?

(And father, mother, and sister! Family!)

  [Commentary] Lian Yongzu hopes that Hong Kong will overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, so that citizens can be safe and families can be reunited.

She said that after the anti-epidemic is over, she will share with her daughter the bits and pieces of anti-epidemic in Hong Kong and the feelings of compatriots whose blood is thicker than water.

  [Concurrent] Lian Yongzu, a member of the mainland medical team for Hong Kong

  After I went back to fight the epidemic, I felt that I would definitely talk to her about what happened around me, and tell her about the cooperation and cooperation with Hong Kong nurses, and the compatriots love with Hong Kong compatriots whose blood is thicker than water.

  Reporter Liang Yuan Hong Kong reports

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]