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  • January 2022 An asteroid one kilometer in diameter will pass close to Earth


"potentially dangerous" asteroid is approaching Earth

at a speed of 10.39 kilometers per second, according to




Apollo-type asteroid

2008 AG33, which was detected on September 27, 2003, will be closest to our planet tomorrow, Thursday, around noon.

When it reaches its closest point to our planet, the asteroid discovered by the

Lemmon Survey

in January 2008, will be 0.02167 astronomical units, equivalent to 3,218,688 kilometers, reports NASA, which estimates that in its next approaches, scheduled for 2029 and 2045, it would pass 72,420,480 kilometers from the Earth's atmosphere.

Despite the size, with a

diameter between 350 to 780 meters

, and the speed, NASA has clarified that the

chances of colliding with our planets are "minimal"


If it measures 780 meters,

its size would be twice the height of the iconic Empire State Building

on Fifth Avenue in New York, 762 meters, notwithstanding the needle that crowns it, which makes it one of the largest rocks in space. large that will approach Earth this year.

However, if its size were 350 meters it would be like the Chicago skyscraper, Aon Center.

Last Tuesday, January 18, an asteroid of approximately one kilometer in diameter passed close to Earth at a speed of

76,192 km/h and 1.9 million kilometers,

according to NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, the body of the US space agency that studies potentially dangerous comets and asteroids.

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