China News Agency, Guilin, April 27th: 79-year-old "Liu Sanjie" Huang Wanqiu: The role changes my life, I want to keep singing

  Author Zhao Linlu

  The 79-year-old "Liu Sanjie" Huang Wanqiu is still active on the stage.

  "Thank you, thank you all the folks from all over the world, I don't have a good meal today, I only have folk songs to respect my relatives, respect my relatives..." On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the release of the movie "Liu Sanjie", Huang Wanqiu recently recreated the classic episode of the film in an interview. .

  Huang Wanqiu, whose ancestral home is Meixian, Guangdong, was born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1943. At the age of 13, he was admitted to the Guilin Opera Troupe, and has since embarked on an artistic career.

  In the 1960s, the movie "Liu Sanjie" became popular at home and abroad.

This made Huang Wanqiu, who played "Liu Sanjie", widely known.

  "Decades have passed, and everyone has not forgotten me. They call me 'Liu Sanjie' when we meet. This is my honor, only folk songs respect relatives." Huang Wanqiu sighed that she was only 17 years old when she played the role of "Liu Sanjie" .

  For thousands of years, "Liu Sanjie" has been a "sing fairy" in Zhuang folklore.

The movie "Liu Sanjie" adapted from her story brings together the natural scenery and folk song culture of Guangxi.

The film has set a record of 120 consecutive screenings in Singapore, and was rated as one of the "Top Ten Films in the World" by Malaysia. It is deeply loved by overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese.

  For decades, Huang Wanqiu has been frequently invited to perform cultural exchange performances in Malaysia, Singapore, the United States and other countries and Hong Kong, which has been very popular.

"The more national, the more the world. Time has proven that 'Liu Sanjie' has really influenced several generations." She believes that the reason why the movie "Liu Sanjie" has become a classic is the charm of the "Liu Sanjie Ballad" culture. At the same time, it is in line with people's yearning and pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty.

  A role completely changed Huang Wanqiu's life.

In order to inherit the culture of Liu Sanjie, Huang Wanqiu founded the Liu Sanjie Art Troupe, participated in the investment and construction of Liu Sanjie Landscape Garden, re-arranged and created a large-scale folk song and dance drama "Song Fairy Liu Sanjie", and innovatively created "Holographic Magic Musical" and "Meet Liu Sanjie"...

  At the same time, Huang Wanqiu also tried his best to train the successor of "Liu Sanjie" and brought his daughter and granddaughter to the stage.

"Our family is the third generation of 'Liu Sanjie', and they sing folk songs on the same stage." Huang Wanqiu said that her daughter and two granddaughters have been familiar with each other since childhood and can sing and dance well.

  Huang Wanqiu's daughter, He Yanyun, starred in the musical "Song Fairy Liu Sanjie" for more than ten years.

Now in Guilin Mass Art Museum, engaged in Liu Sanjie's cultural communication work.

The 18-year-old granddaughter, Li Yueshan, started performing at the age of 5 and a half. She is now a music and drama performance student at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

  "My little granddaughter went to Singapore to perform with us when she was 3 years old. She is little Liu Sanjie." Huang Wanqiu said, "Liu Sanjie" still has many fans in Southeast Asia.

At the end of each performance, a large number of fans came to look for her to sign autographs and take photos, which moved her deeply.

  When it comes to the story of the audience's pursuit of "Liu Sanjie", Huang Wanqiu is a treasure trove.

It is also thanks to the love of the audience that Huang Wanqiu is reluctant to leave the stage.

Now that she is nearly eighty years old, Huang Wanqiu is in high spirits.

The winner of the National Virtue and Art Shuangxin Lifetime Achievement Award said that "Liu Sanjie" gave her a lot of energy.

"Everyone has given me their love for 'Liu Sanjie'. I will continue to sing and inherit Liu Sanjie's culture with beautiful folk songs until I can't sing."

  After a period of time, from the movie "Liu Sanjie" to the song and dance drama "Liu Sanjie", from the color tune drama "New Liu Sanjie" to the large-scale landscape performance "Impression: Liu Sanjie"... Nearly 100 literary and artistic works with the theme of "Liu Sanjie" are constantly being introduced. .

"Liu Sanjie Ballad" has been sung from generation to generation and has been included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

The resulting Guangxi "Zhuang Nationality March 3rd" Singing Festival has kept "Liu Sanjie" forever young and has become a "beautiful business card" for Guangxi to show the world's excellent traditional Chinese culture.