[Explanation] Recently, the main urban area of ​​Harbin is under social static management.

The reporter went to the front line of mask production and nucleic acid testing laboratory in Harbin.

Visit them on the spot to see how they work efficiently under the epidemic.

  [Explanation] In the mask production workshop of Harbin Shangyang Packaging Products Co., Ltd., the staff are busy on the assembly line. He Weigang, the head of mask production, told reporters that the workshop was originally used for packaging production. During the epidemic, the demand for masks continued to increase. After that, it gradually changed to the production of medical masks.

  [Concurrent] He Weigang, head of mask production

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2020, we first transformed the bag making machine into a mask machine through our own transformation. The initial daily output was about 300,000 pieces, and now the daily output is about 700,000 pieces. All are medical surgical flat masks.

So far, Shangyang's masks are mainly sold to pharmaceutical chains and pharmaceutical chains in major provinces and cities.

  [Explanation] During the epidemic prevention and control period, citizens' requirements for anti-epidemic masks are increasing, and the demand is increasing.

He Weigang told reporters that closed-loop production management was implemented in the workshop to ensure the normal production and supply of masks and the safety of workers.

  [Concurrent] He Weigang, head of mask production

  Due to the epidemic, some personnel in mask production are isolated at home, and the mask workshop is under closed management. Production front-line personnel, production management personnel, and quality control personnel, including warehouse personnel, are all stationed in the factory. Unified management of the factory is not allowed, and closed-loop management is implemented. So far , There are nearly 40 people stationed in the factory, guaranteeing ten fully automatic production lines, 24-hour shift production.

  [Explanation] At the same time, in the PCR nucleic acid testing laboratory of Harbin Northern People's Hospital, the testing personnel are also carrying out the nucleic acid testing work on the day in an orderly manner.

From receiving samples to testing on the machine, the whole process is closed-loop operation.

  [Concurrent] Meng Xifang, Vice President of Harbin Northern People's Hospital

  Our daily testing volume is around 2,000 tubes, and we get the results in the first time within four to six hours.

Since the outbreak, the total samples received by the laboratory of our Northern People's Hospital include the normal outpatient workload of our hospital, the workload of the isolation hotel, and the workload of the Hada wholesale market. This workload is very large. .

  [Explanation] Dean Meng told reporters that the laboratory is now tense and orderly, the machine is running 24 hours a day, and "people keep shutting down".

Because the samples received by the laboratory included the largest fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Heilongjiang Province, they could not relax for a moment in order to keep the "vegetable basket" of Harbin citizens.

  [Concurrent] Meng Xifang, Vice President of Harbin Northern People's Hospital

  Our laboratory is open 24 hours a day, and six staff members take turns on duty.

They have not returned home for a month and a half after working this time, just so that the epidemic can be efficient, accurate, and fast, and the results can be obtained as soon as possible.

The staff in our laboratory are very hard working.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the testing personnel will strictly follow the testing standards from specimen disinfection, numbering, sample addition, nucleic acid extraction, on-board testing to review. Once abnormal samples are found, special treatment will be carried out immediately.

  [Concurrent] Meng Xifang, Vice President of Harbin Northern People's Hospital

  If we find any abnormality in any sample during the experiment, we will choose the other two reagents for a comparison, or send the sample to the CDC as soon as possible, and they will have to conduct further inspections , so as to ensure the accuracy of this sample detection.

  [Explanation] Wearing masks and nucleic acid testing are two important things that are indispensable in the epidemic situation. The closed-loop and efficient operation of the relevant production lines and laboratories provides safety guarantee for the staff and establishes immunity against the epidemic for Harbin. barrier.

  Sun Hanlun reports from Harbin, Heilongjiang

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]