Viola Davis had the difficult task of playing the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, in a television series,

The First Lady

, which began airing earlier this month.

Facing a series of criticisms, the Oscar-winning actress and recognized by the whole of the profession with an Emmy and a Tony Award, judges that it is “incredibly painful when your work is criticized”.

But she does not allow herself to be attacked without reacting.

She did it on the BBC, as


reports .

She recognizes first of all that confronting criticism is part of the risks of the profession and that all her performances will not be able to be of the level of those which have earned her prizes.

Then she insists on the difficulty of interpreting people that everyone knows.

"Either you do too much or not enough," she explained, before clarifying: "People know how they walk, how they talk and how they hold their pearls, so it's very difficult."

useless criticism

For Viola Davis, criticism is useless anyway.

“Critics are absolutely useless,” she says, attacking professional critics.

“They always feel like they're telling you something you don't know.

Somehow they think you live a life where you're surrounded by people who lie to you and they're going to be the person to lean in and tell you the truth.

So it gives them the opportunity to be cruel to you,” she said with some sourness.

If the actress spoke with Michelle Obama before the shooting, she has no contact with them today and does not know how they perceived the series.

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