Have you ever had this experience: lying in bed at 10 o'clock at night and just wanting to swipe your phone for a while, but you can swim from this app to that app, and it's two or three o'clock in the morning when you put down your phone; It seems to have magic power, holding it in your hand and playing non-stop... No doubt, modern people are inseparable from mobile phones, and most of the time is spent on mobile phones every day.

Recently, some “Ji phone boxes” and “limited time APPs” known as “artifacts of self-discipline” have become popular. Is it really reliable?

  The so-called self-discipline artifact "lock mobile phone box" and "mobile phone timer box" do not refer to a certain commodity, but a category of commodities.

The reporter noticed that there are roughly two types of mobile phone self-discipline "artifacts" on the market. Depending on the price and functionality, the price ranges from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan.

  As the name suggests, the simple "lock phone box" is composed of two parts: the box and the lock. When you need self-discipline, you can put the phone in the box and lock it.

The more expensive "mobile phone timing box" combines the box body and the lock. The volume is only slightly larger than the normal mobile phone, and some have a display screen. Moreover, emergency unlocking, study room mode and cancellation of the hesitation period have been added. Set time and other functions.

It is worth noting that most of the more portable and compact mobile phone time boxes are equipped with small "skylights" (ie hollow parts), which retain the function of answering calls for touch-screen mobile phones.

  The third-year student Xiaotang bought a "mobile phone timing box" 2 months ago because he needed to take an exam recently.

How does it feel to use it?

Xiaotang told reporters that the effect is good, but consciousness is more important.

"The original intention should be to let it help you instead of controlling you. After I received it and used it, I found that after locking the phone, I like to play revenge for a while. It may be really addicting, so I will change it slowly."

  The reporter learned and found that, in addition to the "physical isolation" method of locking the mobile phone into the box, in recent years, there have also been various APPs that limit the use time of mobile phones, which have been welcomed by many "postgraduate students", "kao Gongzu" and office workers.

Citizen Ms. Yang introduced that she had used a self-discipline app called "Focus Forest".

As long as you set a certain time, stay focused on study or work, and force yourself not to use your mobile phone, when the time is up, a small tree will be planted in the APP. Over time, the tree will grow into a forest.

This concept has attracted many netizens to join.

"But then I found out that my work is inseparable from my mobile phone. In the end, the few small trees that I finally planted were all withered."

  "Locking the phone in a box or using an APP to limit the time of use may be able to control the use of the phone, but for people with serious mobile phone dependence, this method is far from enough, and it is obviously a temporary solution. Yang Hua, a psychotherapist at Nanjing Brain Hospital, said in an interview with reporters that whether people are browsing videos, reading novels or playing games, playing mobile phones can bring relaxation and pleasure on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also help people avoid work and study. Some stressful, painful feelings.

  Yang Hua suggested that you can find some decompression activities, such as socializing with friends in reality, which will naturally reduce the time spent on mobile phones.

"In the long run, it is recommended that you find activities that can generate a sense of achievement, and the pleasure you get after finding a sense of value in life is in the long run. These are things that cannot be achieved by just relying on mobile phones for entertainment," Yang Hua said.