A mother of 14 children..She escaped execution two days before the sentence was carried out

 A Texas appeals court decided to suspend the execution of the death sentence, two days before the scheduled date, against American Melissa Lucio, against the background of the murder of her daughter, in light of an international campaign of support for her that was sparked by the decision to impose this sentence on her after a controversial trial.

Several calls for clemency to this Mexican-American, a mother of fourteen children, were issued by personalities such as Kim Kardashian, and the movement for her support crossed the borders of the United States.

Another court in Texas is considering the requests of her defense attorneys, as stipulated in the judicial documents related to this case.

Lucio is currently still on death row despite the decision to stay the execution of her sentence.

And her attorney, Vanessa Botkin, said in a press conference that stopping the execution of the sentence "is a first step towards a new trial for her, but it does not mean that a decision has been taken to conduct this trial, as there are still several stages before it."

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian called the stay of execution "the best news ever!"

And the defense attorneys of Melissa Lucio confirm, especially that new scientific evidence guarantees her acquittal, and that false testimony led to her conviction.

Sympathizers describe the murder of her daughter, Maria, as an accident, not a murder.

"I thank God for my life," said Melissa Lucio, who has been pleading innocent for 15 years. "I am grateful to the court for giving me the opportunity to live and prove my innocence (...) and to have more time to be the mother of my children and the grandmother of my grandchildren."

Her lawyers indicated that she "went and was no longer able to speak" when she was informed of the decision.

Her sister, Sonia Valencia, said Melissa's family was waiting for her to return home.

In 2007, her two-year-old daughter, Maria, was found dead in her home, with bruises all over her body, days after she fell down the stairs.

The life of Melissa Lucio, a mother of twelve and pregnant with twins, was then marked by physical abuse, drug addiction and precarious conditions.

She was immediately suspected of being involved in the beating of the girl.

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