Yesterday (26th) was the hottest day so far this spring, with the highest daytime temperature in Seoul rising to 28.7 degrees Celsius.

Early summer weather continued in July.

During the night, cold air from the northwest will come down again, and the temperature will drop a little in the morning.

As the temperature fluctuates rapidly, please take care of your health so as not to catch a cold.

As yellow dust flows into the western area today, you should be careful of fine dust everywhere.

As you can see, the western regions including Seoul are expected to show a level of fine dust concentration from bad to very bad temporarily.

Until this morning, the wind will be very strong mainly in the central part and Honam area.

Please take good care of your outerwear.

Gion Seoul and Cheongju will start at 11 degrees this morning.

The daytime temperature will rise to 23 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju, 24 degrees in Gwangju, and 20 degrees in Busan.

On Friday morning, there will be a little bit of light rain across the country.

Partly sunny weather is expected this weekend.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)