In the information age, why do you still insist on reading paper books?

On Douban, there have been more than 5,000 discussions on the topic of the same name.

Netizens said that although e-books are easy to carry and have a large amount of information, the reading experience of paper books is still inaccessible to e-books.

Students from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics conducted a social survey on this topic and found that nearly 70% of college students chose the option of "reading e-books and paper books at the same time".

Netizen "Xiao Jiu" said that paper is the carrier and sustenance of many people's souls. "The subtle lines that can be touched by fingertips are doomed to the long-term vitality of paper books."

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Yang Tianzi

  The "tactile" e-books of paper books cannot be replaced

  While World Book Day is over, the discussion about reading is timeless.

In the Douban APP, the topic "Why do you still insist on reading paper books in the information age" has always been updated by netizens.

The answer from netizen "DIE" received 1,745 likes. "DIE" posted a photo of a book, "The electronic version cannot provide tactile and olfactory enjoyment." "He added, "Especially the sense of smell, and the sense of touch, which cannot be experienced by reading e-books. I have loved smelling books since I was a child."

  In the opinion of netizen "Ashu", the value of paper books needs to match the content of the books.

"Of course good books have to be printed on paper, because they are all worthy of collection, and I think that printing good books on paper is a kind of respect for the author. On the contrary, some brainless idiots are printed on paper. Books, I feel like a waste." Netizen "vulgar knitted sweaters" wrote a long paragraph, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of e-books and paper books, "E-books are actually two advantages, portability and cheapness. Electronic The portability of books is destined to become the mainstream way of reading. No one likes to read paper books while lying on their backs in bed at night. , but it is much more convenient to read it with a mobile phone. Few office workers are willing to carry a few heavy books in their backpacks to add to their burden when commuting, but mobile phones can store hundreds of books, and mobile phones can single It’s easy to hold in your hand.” Just when the netizens who supported e-books were about to give a thumbs up to the “vulgar knitted sweater”, they realized that this was an answer of “if you want to promote it before suppressing it”, “Having said that, I still prefer books. The smell of books and the atmosphere of reading in the library, that kind of heavy and heavy feeling. When I was in my hometown, my favorite place to go is the book city. The sense of distance and coldness brought by mobile phones is difficult to compare with those with soul.”

  70% of college students choose the combination of "e-book + paper book" to read

  On this year's World Reading Day, students from the School of International Business and Economics, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, conducted a questionnaire survey on reading for college students in Xianlin University Town, Nanjing, covering the reading time, types, reasons and other aspects of college students. The problem.

Although the post-95s and post-00s are basically surrounded by digital products, in the choice of reading methods, they still adhere to the combination of "e-books + paper books", completely abandoning paper books, and the post-00s are really reluctant.

  Survey data shows that the advantages of e-books are indeed outstanding.

Nearly 70% of the respondents believe that e-books are more suitable for fragmented reading, which is in line with their reading habits, and 63.64% of people think that e-books have a large capacity and can be searched and downloaded at any time.

Jiang Yunzhi, classmate of Guomao 2104, talked about his recent reading experience and said, "I have been attracted by the social functions of e-reading recently. Expressing opinions on some episodes and communicating with book friends, this way of reading has also allowed me to find many like-minded friends.”

  Although digital reading represented by mobile reading has occupied an important position in the daily reading of college students, 70.13% of the respondents said that they would read e-books and paper books at the same time.

This change in reading style has also brought about changes in reading time and place, such as more students choosing to read unrestrictedly in dorms or classrooms after school hours or before going to bed.

Han Gege from the Business Class of 2001 at Nancai International Trade Institute said: "I think the rise of digital reading does not mean the decline of paper-based reading. The two are not an either-or relationship, and the emergence of multiple media and reading resources will also It brings me more wisdom and enlightenment when reading."

  How to "deep reading" in the fragmented era?

This way you can refer to

  In fact, whether reading paper books or e-books, the ultimate goal is to acquire knowledge.

But how to really "get into the brain" after reading it is actually very particular.

In the era of digital reading, various ways of "entering the brain" are fragmented and fast-food, and deep reading has become the most expensive "luxury" at the moment.

  "The way we read "A Dream of Red Mansions" under the leadership of Mr. Miao Huaiming can actually be used as a reference for everyone." Zhang Wenjing, an undergraduate student at the School of Literature at Nanjing University, told reporters that he took the "Dream of Red Mansions" research course by Professor Miao Huaiming as an elective. The teacher used a unique method to "force" everyone to "dismantle" the red building. After finishing the writing, the students had to make a report in the class and talk about their writing ideas.

"Mr. Miao gave us a list of 40 characters in the book, and asked each of our classmates to choose one of them and write a 'prequel' for the character. Some of these characters are familiar to everyone, such as Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, while others Even in "A Dream of Red Mansions" only one or two appearances, such as Jiao Da and Grandma Liu." Zhang Wenjing is the class representative of this class, she found that no matter the character's appearance rate in the book, it is necessary to dig out the book in detail when writing. "Clues", "Mr. Miao asked us that when we write a prequel to a character, the character characteristics of the characters must be consistent with the book. If you don't read the book back and forth several times, you will definitely not be able to write it. This homework seems unrealistic. In fact, it is quite difficult to write." Zhang Wenjing said, "Tear down" the characters and read them one by one, "I think there is room for promotion of this reading method."