China News Service, Hong Kong, April 24 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The international race day "FWD Champions Race Day" was held at Shatin Racecourse in Hong Kong on the 24th. Race", breaking the record of the top horse in Hong Kong horse racing, and becoming the racing horse that has accumulated the most prize money in Hong Kong's history, setting a new history.

  As the second largest race day of the year, the "FWD Insurance Champions Race Day" three international first-level races were staged on the same day, with a total prize of 65 million yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below).

Hong Kong Horse King "Golden Gun Sixty" broke the record of the top horse in Hong Kong and became the horse with the most prize money in Hong Kong's history.

Photo by Hong Kong Jockey Club

  This year's Hong Kong horse king "Golden Spear 60" participated in the "FWD Insurance Champions Mile" in the afternoon. Under the riding of Chinese jockey He Zeyao, he successfully defended this international first-class race with ease and won the 21st since his debut. The victory set a new record for the top horse in Hong Kong racing.

"Golden Gun 60" also won a bonus of 11.4 million yuan, making its accumulated bonus as high as more than 113 million yuan, surpassing the previous record (about 106 million yuan) held by the former Hong Kong Ma Wang "beautiful inheritance", and became the largest accumulation in Hong Kong's history. The prize horse, another history.