A new case?

After the scandal targeting the manager of private nursing homes Orpea, it is now the Bridge group which is implicated.

Deterioration of residents' living conditions, lack of staff, lack of care... A survey carried out by Radio France's investigation unit has (also) brought to light the shortcomings within some of these retirement homes.

France Bleu Normandie

notably evokes the case of an establishment in Seine-Maritime, in Saint-Martin-Osmonville, between Rouen and Neufchâtel-en-Bray.

Former employees and the families of former residents of "La Maison Normande", taken over by the Bridge group in 2020, list numerous dysfunctions.

“The nurse not being there during the weekend, there was no care”

People interviewed by the radio point to a glaring "lack of resources", while the price of a room there costs "minimum 2,500 euros per month".

My mother had such a deep pressure sore that they had to put in a wick, which requires daily care.

The nurse being there on Friday and returning on Monday, during the weekend, there was no care, ”says the daughter of a former resident in particular.

Asked, the group explains that investments have just been made and that a new management was put in place at the beginning of the year.

But Bridge still admits "recruitment difficulties".

In Normandy, Bridge has already seen one of its establishments placed under supervision by the Regional Health Agency, at the beginning of March, in Moutiers-en-Cinglais (Calvados), for "serious dysfunctions observed in the areas of governance, the quality and safety of care, support and respect for the rights of the people received”.

Bridge has since succeeded in winning the case with the temporary lifting of this guardianship by the administrative court of Caen.


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