On the 23rd, the Maritime Security Headquarters is continuing to search in the surrounding sea area, considering that the ship may have sunk in the accident in which a sightseeing boat with 26 passengers and crew was distressed off the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido.

In addition, we will proceed to confirm the identities of 10 men and women who were confirmed dead on the 24th.

On the 23rd, a tour boat "KAZU 1" that left Utoro, Shari-cho with 26 passengers and crew was distressed while sailing off the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. 10 people have been confirmed dead.

The 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters and the Self-Defense Forces, which received a disaster dispatch request, are searching around the site sea area throughout the night.

According to the Maritime Security Headquarters, the coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula has many steep slopes and cliffs along the peninsula, and even in the sea near the coast, the water depth is 100 meters or more.

In addition, the tour boat sank because no ships that had drifted or capsized were found in the search so far, and there was a report that "it was flooded and sinking" when requesting rescue. It is possible that it capsized and sank in the sea.

The Japan Coast Guard will continue to search the area and confirm the identities of the 10 dead.

Explained to the Japan Coast Guard that the ship's operating company "did not connect to the satellite phone"

In this accident, it was found that the ship's operating company explained to the Japan Coast Guard that "I made a satellite phone call to the tour boat, but it did not connect."

Initially, the tour boat reported to the Japan Coast Guard by mobile phone after 1:00 pm, but since the contact was limited to once, the Japan Coast Guard said that it was difficult for the mobile phone to reach at sea. I think it may have been affected.

On the other hand, the operating company was also in contact with the tourist ship and lost contact at the end around 2:00 pm, but the company told the Japan Coast Guard, "I tried to make a satellite phone call to the tourist ship. I did, but I couldn't connect. "

The Japan Coast Guard is investigating the situation in which satellite phones that can communicate at sea were not available, including the possibility that the ship was sunk.

Passengers are under 10 to 70s

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has revealed that 24 tourist boat passengers are in their 10s to 70s and live in nine prefectures from Hokkaido to the Kyushu region.

Regarding search activities, the tour boat may have already sunk, so we are investigating the condition of the seabed using an underwater sound wave detector, and the search range is about 20 km from the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It means that it has expanded to the area.

On the other hand, in response to this accident, passenger ship operators nationwide were requested in writing to thoroughly inspect the ship and ensure operational safety.

Family visits facilities in Shari Town

Family members of passengers who were missing from around 7 pm on the 24th visited the sports facility in Shari Town one after another.

According to the town, the facility is in the process of confirming the identities of the bodies of 10 men and women who have died so far, and on the 24th, 32 people from 8 families visited for confirmation.

According to the town, there are 24 passengers in 13 groups on this sightseeing boat, and the passenger list includes Kitami City, Ebetsu City, Makubetsu Town, Hokkaido, Fukushima Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Gifu Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, etc. It means that the addresses of Hyogo prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, and Fukuoka prefecture are listed.

Deputy Mayor of Shari Town, Masahiro Kita, who is dealing with the family, said, "The search will continue, but I hope everyone can be found soon. I want to. "

"Drift prediction" is the key to rescue

Junji Toyama, managing director of the Marine Rescue Japan, who has been involved in security and rescue operations for many years at the Japan Coast Guard, said about the search at the site on the third day, "The tide was fast and the wind was strong at the site. By doing so, things on the sea will be washed away over time. One point is how to think about the position and divide the power by predicting drifting using a computer. "

In addition, the Japan Coast Guard said that the ship may have sunk, saying, "The site has not been identified, but it has not been confirmed that the ship is floating, so we have determined that there is one possibility. In the future, if it is discovered that the ship is sinking to the bottom of the sea using sonar etc., it is conceivable to include a diver to search the inside of the ship. "