"Can the people infected with the new crown pneumonia virus in the community be able to collect all their receivables?" "What difficulties are there still in material security?"... For the past few days, members of the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision have led teams to go deep into the city's many lockdowns. Districts, control areas, and prevention areas, inspect the situation of differentiated prevention and control by divisions and levels, communicate face-to-face with cadres of neighborhood committees, police station police, and community volunteers to keep abreast of the difficulties and pain points of grass-roots epidemic prevention work, and urge relevant departments and regions to tighten Consolidate the "quartet of responsibilities", do it right away, and do it quickly, and every second counts to promote "everything that should be checked, everything that should be collected, everything that should be separated, and everything that should be treated."

  At present, Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control is making every effort to achieve the goal of social zero.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the city regard epidemic prevention and control supervision as a major political task and a top priority, adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearing" without hesitation, based on their functional positioning, and make every effort to escort the orderly development of epidemic prevention and control.

  During the epidemic, the visiting window of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision was temporarily suspended, and the 12388 reporting hotline and online reporting platform became important channels for listening to the needs of the masses and solving their problems.

The staff of the whistle-blowing hotline set up a camp bed in the office, stationed next to the phone for several weeks, carefully recorded the reports and accusations related to epidemic prevention and control, and promptly transferred them; , notify the relevant units as soon as possible, and urge attention to solve it.

  The guarantee of living materials for 25 million citizens is the foundation and key to winning the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.

The Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Team of the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in the Municipal Market Supervision Administration urges the market supervision system to strengthen price law enforcement and supervision, regulate the price behavior of community group purchases, seriously investigate and deal with price violations, and effectively maintain market order.

At the same time, go deep into the front line to supervise key cold storage enterprises, follow up and supervise the closed-loop management and control of imported cold chain food through the "Shanghai Cold Chain" operation monitoring system and other methods, and urge the implementation of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control measures.

  The rapid establishment and effective operation of makeshift hospitals play a very important role in epidemic prevention and control.

The Disciplinary Committee of Lingang Group urges and promotes party organizations at all levels of the group to earnestly shoulder their political responsibilities, fighting for eight consecutive days and nights, effectively ensuring the official opening of the Lingang Fangcang shelter hospital, which can accommodate 13,600 isolation beds.

The discipline inspection and supervision cadres of Jiushi Group went to the front headquarters of emergency reconstruction projects such as the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) and Shanghai International Circuit, and supervised and promoted the completion of the projects on time and with high quality.

Many discipline inspection and supervision cadres also directly entered the shelter to participate in service guarantee and operation and maintenance work.

  "Faced with this tough battle, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs will effectively play a role in supervising and guaranteeing implementation and promoting the improvement of development, not only promoting relevant regions and departments to quickly discover and deal with problems, but also in accordance with the requirements of 'complete, fast and strict', the first Help the grassroots to solve the matters that need support and coordination at one time, and ensure that the major deployment of the Party Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control is in place." said Liu Xuexin, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and director of the Supervisory Commission.

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