Roblox rushed to fire a developer who included an ad announcing a new Kim Kardashian sextape on the platform.

Not long ago, Kim Kardashian's six-year-old son, Saint, was surprised by a pop-up showing his mother's face while using the gaming platform.

The ad in question promised unseen footage of the sextape that made him famous 20 years earlier.

An unfortunate discovery that obviously pissed Kim Kardashian off as we can see in the first episode of The


, the new show from the most famous family on the small screen.

Kim sees red

"I have all the time, money and resources to reduce them all to ashes," Kim Kardashian can be heard to be offended, after calling Kanye West to let him know about the incident.

Since then, Roblox has made excuses and has assured that it never hosted the video promised by this advertisement.

“The video in question was never available on our platform – we have a strict moderation policy to protect our community.

It includes zero tolerance for sexual content of any kind that violates our Community Guidelines,” the company said in a statement released by Polygon.


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