Find a marine animal older than dinosaurs half a billion years old!

The Museum of Ontario displays an exceptionally preserved 450-million-year-old animal that was discovered and found in southern Ontario, Canada.

And the "THE STAR" website pointed out that the newly discovered marine animal fossil, which is nearly half a billion years old, predates even the dinosaurs that first appeared about 240 million years ago, and was found near Brechin in southern Ontario and is about 240 million years old. Almost half a billion years old.

The discovery was announced on March 24, in the Journal of Paleontology.

The researchers say the new species is part of an extinct group of arthropods and is "exceptionally well-preserved", as only the hard parts of the organism are fossilized (bones and shells).

"We did not expect to find mollusk species at this site," said lead author of the study, researcher and evolutionary biologist at the University of Toronto, Joseph Moiseyuk.

Moiseyuk sold: "When we think of fossils, we usually think of things like dinosaur bones and shells. However, soft tissue preservation is very rare, and there are only a few sites around the world where molluscs have been found." .

According to Russia Today.

The exotic animal discovered is 2 inches (6 centimeters) long, the length of the index finger. The specimen features an ornate head shield containing two curved horns covered with feather-like spines.

The magazine "livescience" also published an article on this subject, under the title (What does not have eyes, walked on stilts and died in the "Paleo Pompeii"? This is an ancient eccentric), as the segmented animal body resembles the body of other arthropods, such as insects and spiders. In addition, it contains multiple sets of segmented limbs, including one pair of very odd limbs.

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