A reserved space with a full-scale model railroad diorama installed at a hot spring inn in Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture, was completed and unveiled on the 23rd.

This diorama was installed in the lounge of a hot spring inn in Yugo Onsen, Mimasaka City, in an attempt to attract railroad fans with a new service while the local economy was severely damaged by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. ..

On the 23rd, a ceremony was held to celebrate the completion, and a model train departed at the signal of the Chizu Express staff running in the city.

The diorama was created by a group of model railroad enthusiasts from Hyogo prefecture over half a year, with a width of 11 meters and a depth of 3 meters, and the total length of the four tracks is about 120 meters.

The scenery of various parts of the prefecture, such as JR Okayama Station and Tsuyama Park, a tourist attraction in Tsuyama City, is realistically reproduced.

The diorama space is reserved for guests and day-trippers, and you can also enjoy running the model train you brought in.

Hisanori Nagayama, president of Yunogo Miharukaku, said, "We planned to provide a new service in the midst of the corona. We want people who want to spend a relaxing time at Yunogo Onsen, which is rich in nature." I was talking.