China News Service, Beijing, April 24th (Reporter Ying Ni) The first national reading conference, the launching ceremony of the Beijing Reading Season and the theme activity of "Lighting the Reading Lamp" was held in Beijing on the 23rd.

The event is an important part of the first National Reading Conference. It is guided by the Leading Group of Scholarly China·Beijing Reading Season and sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. A number of special events are held.

  On the day of the launch ceremony, in the form of "main venue + branch venue", the Book China Beijing Reading Season linked Beijing 16+1 districts to create a strong atmosphere of "reading everywhere" through a boutique activity in each district.

In addition, the Book Fragrance China Beijing Reading Season also encourages and mobilizes the city's reading spaces, physical bookstores, publishers and other related places and digital reading platforms to carry out reading linkages, and holds more than 2,000 reading activities such as author signings, new book releases, and classic readings. , launched the "Reading Beijing" benefiting the people activity; organized and carried out the theme activity of "Lighting up the reading lights" in the city's characteristic reading spaces to jointly extend the business hours, and carried out "#Lighting up a lamp" on new media platforms such as Weibo and Kuaishou "Reading Lamp#" topic interaction, and jointly light up the night of the scholarly capital.

  "Reading Beijing" focuses on the central axis of Beijing.

In order to tell the story of Beijing's central axis well, show the charm of Beijing's central axis, promote public participation in the protection of Beijing's central axis, and prosper Beijing's ancient capital culture, red culture, Beijing-flavored culture and innovative culture.

Chen Mingjie, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics, introduced that in 2022, the Central Axis Application Office of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics plans to launch a series of activities called "Central Axis for Reading". Lectures” and many other activities.

Photo courtesy of the 2022 Beijing National Reading and the 12th Book Fragrant China Beijing Reading Season Poster Book Fragrant China Beijing Reading Season Leading Group

  At the event site, the organizer announced the first batch of 8 "Central Axis" book lists, including the popular "Central Axis" (Beijing United Publishing Company) and the "Beijing Central Axis Cultural Tour" (Beijing Publishing House) for the humanities category. , Children's "Beijing: City on the Central Axis" (21st Century Press), graphic "Beijing Central Axis Centennial Image" (Beijing Daily Publishing House), novel "Painting on the Beijing Ridge" (People's Republic of China) Literary Publishing House), academic "Yao Feng Shun Yu: Yuan Dadu Planning Thought and Ancient China" (Life·Reading·Xinzhi Sanlian Publishing House), art "Walking into the Forbidden City to see cultural relics·Calligraphy Museum" (China Women's Publishing House) ) and the specially recommended "Atlas of Measured Ancient Buildings on the Central Axis of Beijing" (Forbidden City Publishing House).

  The chapter "Reading China" launched the "Beijing Book Building National New Book Launch Platform".

The platform has linked more than 500 publishing units across the country, including China Publishing Group and Beijing Publishing Group, to establish long-term strategic activities with traditional and new media such as TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers, and to carry out close cooperation.

At the same time, well-known writers, experts and scholars are invited to the store to carry out multi-form cultural activities on all kinds of books, recommend new and good books for readers, provide a new cultural reading experience and exchange platform, and better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of readers.

  The chapter "Towards the Future" mainly focuses on the cultural heritage of the Winter Olympics.

In the short film "Seeing the Future in the City of Double Olympics" organized and filmed by the Office of the Leading Group of Scholars China-Beijing Reading Season, a number of advanced individuals in Beijing for the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games from designers, media, volunteers and books From the librarian's point of view, how to carry on the legacy of the Winter Olympics.

"Double Olympic City" is full of "Winter Olympics". Beijing's major libraries have set up special areas for the Winter Olympics. Winter Olympics-related books continue to sell well. Olympic Bookstore, Champion Bookstore, "Olympic Education Digital Twin Hall" The "Palace" of Austrian knowledge is very popular among readers, and various reading activities emerge one after another.

  Wang Yefei, the first-level inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, pointed out: "Beijing takes the construction of a scholarly capital as an important goal of the construction of a national cultural center, and has established an organizational mechanism, a service system, a support method, a project project, an activity brand, and a "Promotion model" and form a work pattern of "six ones". Beijing will extensively guide social forces to participate in reading for all, implement the capital reading program, and improve the four-level reading promotion structure of "city, district, neighborhood and community village", and constantly improve The national reading promotion model of 'government guidance, industry support, social participation, and public benefit' has effectively gathered resources from all walks of life, and vigorously created a strong atmosphere of a scholarly capital."

  According to the "2022 Beijing National Reading and the 12th Book China·Beijing Reading Season Overall Plan", the 2022 Beijing National Reading and the 12th Book China·Beijing Reading Season will focus on 8 national reading work throughout the year.

At the same time, we will strengthen the construction of the public cultural service system and improve the quality of the 15-minute reading circle.