• Lego Stars Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series, it achieves the best launch for a Lego video game.

  • Video games adapted from licenses have largely contributed to the success of the Lego empire, with

    Star Wars

    but also

    Harry Potter

    , Indiana Jones, Marvel...

  • “With

    Star Wars

    , the stories and possibilities are endless, and the same is true with Lego bricks,” says James Burgon, producer at TT Games, the studio behind Lego video games.

Almost a century old brand and among the most powerful in the world, Lego is still that manufacturer of construction toys, with more than 600 billion bricks sold.

But not only.

Now there are Lego amusement parks, animated films, magazines and books, a TV show, board games and, of course, video games.

In 1995, Lego launched into the video game industry with

Lego Fun to Build

, which uses the principle of toys.

The following will adapt to video game genres and gameplays, with action-adventure (

Lego Island

), racing (

Lego Racers

) and still simulation-construction (

Lego Creator




But the best-known Lego video games are those associated with a license, starting with

Harry Potter

in 2001, then

Indiana Jones

, Batman,

Pirates of the Caribbean


Lord of the Rings

, Marvel superheroes, and especially

Star Wars


After a first game in 2005, the Traveller's Tales studio even became the developer of all Lego titles.

The latest,

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

, has just achieved the best launch of all time for a Lego game, with more than 3 million copies sold in two weeks.

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Retain the charm of the first games

There were already several

Lego Star Wars

games , adapted from the original trilogy, the prequel,

The Clone Wars


The Force Awakens


The challenge of

The Skywalker Saga

is therefore significant, since it is based on the nine films and must therefore redo what has already been done.

But James Burgon, lead producer at TT Games, the parent company of Traveller's Tales, is reassuring: "Whether you're a fan from the start or you've never touched a

Lego Star Wars game

, you will realize that for this game, we started from zero and in other directions than in the past.

Everything is new: the staging, the graphical fidelity, the blaster mechanics, the possibilities of combos… The game looks entirely new, while retaining the charm of the first

Lego Star Wars

games .


“With Lego like “Star Wars”, the stories are endless”

It may seem opportunistic, easy, to associate two brands, two licenses,



Star Wars

, but James Burgon does not hear it that way: "Yes, it's an easy statement to make when you don't have not the entire

Lego Star Wars


to create.

(laughs) With 28 worlds, and each with their own interiors, quests, puzzles, creatures, you start to see the scope of the task.

A monumental task then, but a task that we have known from the beginning and that we wanted to succeed at all costs.

Personally, I think Lego and

Star Wars

have always worked well together because they fuel the imagination.


Star Wars

, the stories and possibilities are endless, and so are Lego bricks.


Lego Star Wars

, stories ahead?



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