"The Legend of Zhen Huan" 2022 exam questions update, "Hunting Illustrated Book" and "Beginning" are also published

  "Academic Chasing Drama" Carnival

  "Zhen Huan went to lean on the plum garden to pray, what was the third wish she didn't say?" "What did Chun'er eat for breakfast when she complained to Zhen Huan about gaining weight?" "Which poem did the names of Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing come from?" "Shen Yi What world famous paintings have you talked about in class?"...Recently, the type of exam papers for the "Zhenxue Level 10 Scholar Exam" has been upgraded, and the difficulty has been continuously increased. "Exam fever.

It is also an audience, but only after passing the professional-level test paper with a minimum of 50 questions can one be called a "hardcore" drama fan of a certain drama.

  The popularity of the "Tenth Grade Scholar Unified Exam" among the fans of the drama is not a trivial matter. More than 60,000 people participated in the "Beginning" test, and only 3 drama fans got full marks.

"Following dramas with a microscope" is a lot of fun, and the "exam-based" standard assessment has a lot of brain holes. I have put together a good drama, and I still enjoy it.

In this process, what is amazing is the strong productivity, creativity and enthusiasm of drama fans.

  Reporter Shi Wenjing

Chinese Volume Mathematics Volume Special Volume

  "Academic chasing drama" is not easy

  Drama-chasing exams are becoming more and more popular, and drama fans can always come up with new topics after carefully scrutinizing each classic drama, so "Dream of Red Mansions", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Wulin Biography", "Huanzhugege", "Deep Love and Rain" "The question bank of old dramas such as "Friends" and "Bright Sword" will be updated every year, and the nodes will be updated.

For example, "The Legend of Zhen Huan", a popular "archaeological drama", not only has a series of national unified examination papers from 2020 to 2022, but also a special paper for the tenth anniversary, a special examination paper for lines, a collection of difficult questions, etc.; "Dream of Red Mansions" has Diversity exam questions, listening exam questions, basic exam papers, etc.

Chasing drama itself is an entertainment activity, but loyal fans who are keen on academic drama chasing have intellectualized and intellectualized this entertainment activity.

  Interestingly, the classic costume dramas such as "Dream of Red Mansions" and "The Legend of Zhen Huan", because of the profound traditional culture, are involved in poetry dictionaries, opera paintings, food health care, etiquette and clothing, etc. The test questions are often colorful and show great skill. , which can be called the "language volume" in the drama world.

The characters and poems in "A Dream of Red Mansions" are themselves the knowledge points of the college entrance examination, and there are many points to be tested, so the test questions for the 87 edition of "A Dream of Red Mansions" are also very diverse, including common sense questions, plot questions, poetry questions, and golden sentence questions. exam question bank.

"The Legend of Zhen Huan" quoted a large number of ancient poems, such as "The sincerity is gone, it is difficult to recommend it again when it is overwhelmed", "It is easy to not destroy the wind when it is against the wind", "How long can it be good when it is used to serve others" and other drama fans are familiar with it. The verses can be written as fill-in-the-blank questions.

And according to the very detailed content of paper-cut, headdress, diet, tea tasting, concubines system, etc. involved in the plot, a large number of topics can be drawn up: What are the paper-cut patterns that Zhen Huan has cut in the play?

What classic songs did the concubines play in the play?

What books has Shen Meizhuang read?

What spices are in the sachet of King Guojun?

You can also discuss the harem system and the maximum number of concubines.

  Suspense dramas and detective dramas seem to be more likely to ask "mathematical questions" and "reasoning questions".

The just-concluded "Sin Hunting Guide" and "The Beginning" also quickly released the test papers. Answering the questions requires memory, reasoning ability, and computing ability. When watching the drama, you need to pay attention to the clues on the screen.

The titles of the drama "The Beginning" include: the license plate number of the No. 45 bus, Li Shiqing's mobile phone number, how many sets of clothes Xiao Yunhe has, the password of Lu Di's secret base, how many layers of plastic bags the pressure cooker is wrapped in, the date of death of Wang Xingde's daughter, etc. .

The title of "Guild of Hunting Crime" also focuses on questions about various evidences and clues, such as how Shen Yi obtained Xiao An's DNA, and what famous paintings Shen Yi talked about in class.

"Mathematics questions" and "reasoning questions" are too detailed, so fans need to review the plot and answer the questions to get high scores, which is also something that many suspense drama fans enjoy.

Some dramas suitable for stalking are also "mathematical problems", such as "Deep Love and Rain", the drama fans put forward "How many ducks did Du Fei give to Ruping?" "Lu Zhenhua gave Yiping mother and daughter a month. How much is the cost of living?" "How long can Du Fei take to wash his clothes?" "How many silver rings does Ruping's 20-yuan bracelet have?"

  "Friends", "Game of Thrones", "Harry Potter" and other film and television dramas not only test plot, but also test English.

For these plays, the classic lines, family motto, magic spells, cold weapon names, English dialects, etc. in the play are easier to operate in English.

These series of works are long, the test questions span a wide range, and the difficulty is also high. Some of the questions are very tricky and fun, which will cause a lot of discussion among drama fans.

"Game of Thrones" and "Harry Potter", which have their own unique culture, are becoming more and more difficult because of their too much knowledge and too dense stalks. Non-drama fans are at a loss, and not loyal fans will be subject to big questions. abuse.

  For the well-known hit dramas and popular dramas, the enthusiasm of fans to participate is particularly high, and the more eccentric and unexpected topics are more popular, and the more they can lead to topics.

For example, "Who is the mother of the father of the wife of the wife of the son of Xiaoyanzi's mother?" Concubine Concubine, Qinggege and other actors answered the questions together, and the results were appalling.

For loyal drama fans, challenging difficult exam papers can reflect their value of chasing dramas.

 A drama attracts tens of thousands of people to take the exam

  Drama fans are still abused

  At present, apart from netizens scattered in the corners of the Internet making test questions and test papers for popular dramas, on major video platforms such as Douban, Bilibili, Sina and Tencent, you can find systematic drama-chasing exams “developed” by platforms and drama fans together.

On various platforms, this kind of interesting exam is basically unified under the name of "Level 10 Scholars Exam". Answers, reading comprehension, and essay questions.

In order to increase the fun of the event, after answering the questions, some platforms will put unique medals on the avatars of fans, and some platforms will put membership level logos on users.

Of course, for the hardcore fans of "academic drama", medals and logos are not important, what is important is the excitement and the pleasure of answering the questions eagerly and eagerly participating in the group exam.

  Recently, Douban and drama fans have focused on the development of the "Tenth Grade Scholar Unified Exam" test papers for a number of dramas, including "The Hunt for Crime", "The Beginning", "Game of Thrones", "Harry Potter", "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Friends", " My Genius Girlfriend", "Wulin Biography", "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and so on.

The testers are all loyal fans of the drama. There will be previews and flash events for the test, and tens of thousands of people will answer the test collectively after the test paper is released.

"Beginning" has 64,000 answers, "10th Anniversary Zhenxue Unified Exam" has more than 50,000 online answers, and "Friends" has 34,000 answers.

Tens of thousands of people are "rushing for the test", and often each drama only has a few 100 points, and there are very few full score winners, which shows the technical content of "academic drama pursuit".

For dramas such as "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Wulin Biography", with meticulous details, superb lines and many characters, the difficulty of the exam is still increasing.

Recently, the loyal fans of "The Legend of Zhen Huan" have begun to prepare for the "Special Examination for Poetry, Food, and Clothing of Zhenxue Level 10 Scholars" and the "Special Examination for Zhenxue Level 10 Scholars' Lines". Drama fans have high expectations.

The examination can be subdivided into such topics, indicating that classic costume dramas have indeed played a certain role in spreading traditional culture.

  Non-drama fans will think it's boring and a waste of time to go over and over again in a drama, but for loyal drama fans, it is actually a lot of fun to follow the drama with a microscope, taking exams, doing quizzes, and even having new insights into the plot. Discover and think.

Someone found out that the palace water in "The Legend of Zhen Huan" was a certain brand of mountain spring water, the pen holder in the emperor's study had an extra makeup brush, and the clothes that Jinxi wore were L size costumes. Everyone has to admire these drama fans. Good eyesight, if you have learned career science, economics, genetics, demography, pharmacology, and miscellaneous subjects from "The Legend of Zhen Huan", and even wrote a paper, it must be "Zhen Xue's doctoral tutor".

A good drama will continue to "grow", and it's so much fun to make a good drama. "Academic chasing drama", like all popular ways of chasing dramas, compares the creativity and deconstruction of drama fans, digging out over and over again. New things are the ultimate fun of disc drama.

 Behind every carnival

  It's all about the emotional quest of fans

  Fans of TV dramas, whether they are analyzing the pictures and texts of the drama on the short video platform, editing the emoticon package video, explaining the plot on behalf of the class, or answering the questions earnestly in the "Tenth-level Scholar" exam, what is presented is a group of fans in a multimedia environment. The status quo of survival.

Tens of thousands of people took exams while chasing dramas together. The purpose is to realize their identity in social media: to find their own home base and find the thrill of chasing dramas together.

  At the same time, with the development of self-media in the past two years, major platforms have continuously resorted to various tricks to enhance user stickiness. The “Tenth Grade Scholars” exam craze, the second creation craze, and the “hot search and chase drama” are all platforms. Ways to stabilize users and increase user activity.

In the process, it also provides more diverse gathering methods for fans of different types of dramas and fans of different ways of chasing dramas, and constantly releases everyone's enthusiasm for chasing dramas.

  For example, while drama fans are vying to be "Doctor Zhen Xue", "Doctor Duan Xue" and "Peerless Elder of Seven Heroes Town", station B has also quietly launched 100 questions for hardcore members recently, among which are the strange film and television drama questions Only hardcore drama fans and 2D fans can answer, such as "When Liu Huaqiang bought melons, what was the name of the dry cleaners opposite the melon stall", "What is the title of Shishen in "The Devotion of Suspect X"" "Li Yunlong attacked Ping'an County. At that time, who brought the Italian cannon?” “In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, what was the last sentence the prime minister said in Wuzhangyuan?” Such tricky questions are just to give special honors such as small medals to sixth-level users.

This move, the platform is to increase the stickiness of core two-dimensional culture users, but it is also a collective carnival for old users. Many common memory points are dug up, and the more difficult the question, the more exciting and refreshing it will be.

A series of "exams" let different fan groups look for people who are consistent with their own hobbies and goals, and then produce a kind of emotional and identity seeking common ground.

  The "Tenth Grade Scholar Exam"-style chasing drama is completely an anti-trend phenomenon of the current popular double-speed drama chasing, "fragment-style chasing drama" and "hot search-style chasing drama". on high-scoring dramas.

The emotional identification of young audiences with old dramas and classic stories is considered to be the discovery of the charm and value of classic "long stories", and the recognition of the culture and values ​​conveyed by these dramas.

A good drama deserves tens of thousands of people to take the "examination", and a bad drama may not even have a few interesting questions. This again shows that classic dramas are not so easy to become outdated, and they can be created and integrated into popular fashion culture. middle.