Well, the rose-colored glasses – figuratively speaking, they can no longer be put on for the time being.

One danger, the epidemic, seemed to be more or less under control thanks to vaccination and less aggressive variants, and then the next one is already here: war.

If the mood between insecurity and fear is reflected in fashion, a lot of simplicity should be added.

Then it's back to basics, as they say in the style trade.

Large black sunglasses are also part of a wardrobe consisting of jeans and white T-shirts.

But for many people it's still time for masks, and if they don't happen to want to walk through the world as motionless beings, there's little room left on their faces for glasses with dark lenses.

Jennifer Wiebking

Editor in the "Life" department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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The new sunglasses in this article were designed a while ago.

That's how it is in fashion with their spring collections, which designers show in September and which they work on the summer before.

It's possible that someone started the first drawings of these glasses when the "British" and "Indian" variants were still being talked about as a matter of course, before the politically correct linguistic variants alpha etc. became common.

Literally speaking, a pair of rose-colored glasses like the Escada model (with pink lenses, top right) could come in very handy this summer.

The first reference may be clear: Seventies, make peace not war.

That sounds a bit too simple in view of current events.

But, ha, the metal frame framing those colorful lenses also limits the extent of the Woodstock aesthetic.

The colorful sunglasses for this summer are also nerd glasses, see the yellow model from Ray-Ban (with yellow lenses, below left).

Or they appear as confident as these aviators in violet by Chloé (with violet lenses, center right) and in green by Montblanc (with green lenses, bottom right).

By the way, model number 1 (with purple lenses, top left) is from Byredo.

Exactly, from the Swedish brand,

who approached the topic of fragrances in a highly concentrated manner more than 15 years ago and thus conquered the world.

The corners and edges on the Byredo glasses also convey: joking aside.

Even in purple.