Nicolas Cage assures that he refused roles in The



The Lord of the Rings

in order to stay with his family.

In Un talent en Or Massif, his latest film, the star portrays his own role, that of an actor ready to do anything to regain his former glory.

A quest for recognition that makes him abandon his 16-year-old daughter played by Lily Sheen.

But in reality, Nicolas Cage would never put his work before his family, quite the contrary.

"First and foremost, there's no real-life version of Nic Cage who wouldn't want to spend time with his kids," he assured


before listing the big productions that he preferred to decline to stay with his son.

Not the one we believe

"I turned down

Lord of the Rings

and I turned down


because I didn't want to go to New Zealand for three years or Australia for three years.

I needed to be home with my son Weston, that's a fact.

So there is a big disparity between the Nick Cage of

A Talent in Solid Gold

and the one who is sitting in front of you right now,” continued Nicolas Cage.

Besides Weston who is now 31, Nicolas Cage also has a 16-year-old son named Kel-El and he is currently expecting a child with his new wife Riko Shibata.

A Talent in Solid Gold hit

theaters just this week.


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