(Shanghai War Epidemic Record) Keeping the "Shanghai" log: Shanghai residents "reading" at home and "literary and art group purchase" online send "book fragrance"

  China News Service, Shanghai, April 23rd: Keep the "Shanghai" Log

  Author Gao Zhimiao

  At 10 a.m. on the 23rd, Shanghai resident Wu Qiong opened the official social account of the Shanghai Grand Theater to watch the online live broadcast.

"The picture is very textured. I really like Xie Junhao's Cantonese reading of "Falling" aloud. Although I still stay at home today, I feel very happy."

  Wu Qiong watched a live broadcast of "Art Group Buying" jointly released by Shanghai Grand Theater, YOUNG Theater, and Shanghai West Bund Grand Theater.

On the "World Book Day" on the 23rd, the three theaters became the "heads" of literary and artistic food, and invited more than ten Chinese and foreign artists to serve as "co-heads", bringing a continuous 12-hour relay live broadcast full of literary and artistic style.

  The live broadcast event specially launched the "Drama and You Read Together" unit to create a new companion reading experience for the audience.

Chen Xinyi, Dominic Dromgoole (Dominic Dromgoole), Xie Junhao, Ma Liang, Xiaohe, Zhu Hongxuan and other Chinese and foreign artists also incarnated as "readers" and "co-heads" to open this "artistic group purchase" for the audience.

  "Listen while queuing up to do nucleic acid", "I feel the light on the stage again", "Inspired me to read Flowers in Shanghainese", "It seems to be back when I went to the Shangyin Opera House to listen to lectures on a regular basis last year"... while the audience Listen and comment.

Shanghai Xinhua Media gathers major Xinhua Bookstores and Shanghai Bookstores in Shanghai to launch a series of online reading activities Photo courtesy of Shanghai Xinhua Media

  There is also Shanghai Xinhua Media that "guarantees" the "literary and artistic food" of the citizens.

Gathering together major Xinhua Bookstores and Shanghai Book City, Xinhua Media launched a series of online reading activities to send the fragrance of books to thousands of households.

  At present, primary and secondary schools in Shanghai have launched the home-based online teaching mode, and Xinhua Media has launched the cloud version of the World Reading Day "Applying Classroom": the "Book of Reading" for principals, inviting 10 principals of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and kindergartens in Shanghai Long, tell everyone about the way of reading and share the reading experience.

  Jin Ping, the principal of the No. 2 Experimental Primary School in Jinshan District, Shanghai, who has been in the education industry for more than 40 years, was one of the guests. He said that he likes reading and watching children read the most. His school has become a "library", so that Children can be accompanied by books anytime, anywhere.

  Reading clubs, book fairs, writers' meetings... Although many activities have moved from offline to online, they are equally exciting.

"796 Reading Club" World Reading Day Cloud Sharing Event - The Little Satisfaction in Life will be held online, and the Cloud Sharing Event will connect with readers on-site to discuss "The Absolute Temperature of a Genius Chef", "Japan's Four Seasons", "Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper" " and several other books that show the interest of life, and share each other's insights.

  The “4.23 World Reading Day” cloud-released version of the “One Step One Book · Long Corridor” National New Book Publishing Hall theme recommendation exhibition at Jiuliu Square is also “online” simultaneously. The exhibition will be presented in the form of a dynamic page book list, with 10 selected books New book exhibition.

  In special times, writers' meetings are also held in a special way.

From April 16 to April 23, World Book Day, Xinhua Media's major new media platforms will publish short videos recorded by 16 writers at a frequency of 2 per day.

In the video, writers recommend books to readers, share their creative stories and creative experiences, and cheer for Shanghai's fight against the epidemic.