China News Service, Harbin, April 23 (Reporter Wang Nina) The theme press conference of the 13th Party Congress of Heilongjiang Province "Agriculture Special" was held in Harbin on the 23rd. News was released at the meeting. As a major agricultural province in my country, Heilongjiang Province This year's preparation for spring ploughing production has basically ended, and spring ploughing production has been launched one after another from south to north.

At present, the province has completed spring land preparation of 27.4357 million mu, rice seedling raising has basically ended, wheat and corn sowing has been fully started, and soybean trial sowing has begun.

  The total grain output of Heilongjiang Province has ranked first in my country for 12 consecutive years. It has stabilized at more than 150 billion catties in the past 4 years. In 2021, it will reach 157.35 billion catties, a record high. One out of every nine bowls of rice in my country comes from Heilongjiang.

  As a major agricultural province in my country, in order to ensure national food security, this year, the province's grain planting area is expected to reach 218.5 million mu, with a total output of more than 150 billion catties.

Among them, the soybean planting area is more than 10 million mu, and the output is expected to increase by more than 2.6 billion kilograms.

This year, the province will build 11 million mu of high-standard farmland, all of which will be used to grow grain, and create 33 provincial-level black soil high-standard farmland demonstration areas.

  Prepare for spring ploughing, do not miss the farming time.

  Since December last year, the province has made early arrangements for preparation for farming, making overall arrangements for epidemic prevention and control and preparation for spring farming, innovating online and offline farming preparation methods, and cooperating with all relevant departments to ensure the supply of agricultural materials. Stable prices to ensure that the farming season is not missed.

At present, the province's rice seedlings have basically ended, and the rice seedlings have emerged one after another. The early-growing seedlings in Qing'an and other places have reached "two leaves and one heart"; the province's spring land preparation has completed 27.4357 million mu, and the planting of wheat, potatoes and corn has been fully started. Soybeans have been trial-planted, 2.9732 million mu of dry fields have been sown, and paddy fields have started to prepare 18.143 million mu of paddy fields, ready for early transplanting in time.

  "We must make every effort to seize the farming season, improve the standard of spring sowing, and strive to sow all kinds of crops during the high-yielding period to capture this year's bumper grain harvest." said Pang Haitao, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Heilongjiang Province.