The Central Opera House Theatre will hold its opening concert on May 1.

After the opening of the only "house + box-style" opera house in China, it will become a new cultural landmark in Beijing.

  The total construction area of ​​the Central Opera House Theater is 41,000 square meters, with 4 floors underground and 8 floors above ground.

The core functions are mainly large-scale operas, dance dramas and ballet performances.

  The theater design takes "Phoenix" as the core concept to interpret the theme of the building's connotation. The 18 28-meter-high columns outside the foyer have different twist angles, just like the flexible twist of the tail feathers of the phoenix.

The gorgeous and exquisite dome chandelier with a total height of 6.5 meters and a diameter of 4.5 meters, coupled with the magnificent interiors on the four walls, creates a ceremonial sense of watching opera.

  At the same time, the Central Opera House Theater has applied a lot of new methods to create a number of industry firsts: the large orchestra pit of about 150 square meters can be performed by a 120-person band, and it is a professional opera theater with the largest orchestra pit in China; relying on scientific equipment to improve the sound of performances Changes and actor positions are preset to achieve the best texture of the original sound transmission, so that the reverberation time can be precisely controlled in an excellent period of 1.6 to 1.8 seconds; the design of the boxes on the fourth to sixth floors not only reflects the different aesthetic needs of the opera performance and the public, but also It has also achieved the standard docking with the world's top opera houses, and has become the only opera house in China with a "seat + box" style.

  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Opera House.

After the theater was officially opened on May 1, it will be followed by a month-long opening performance month event, which will stage Chinese and foreign operas "Turandot", "Road", "La Traviata", 6 sets of concerts and the classic ballet "Swan Lake", etc. , a wonderful collection of famous artists.

(Reporter Ying Ni’s video comes from the Central Opera House)

Responsible editor: [Yu Xiao]