During the Golden Week holidays, bookings for domestic flights increased by about 1.6 times compared to last year, when a state of emergency was declared due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

According to a summary of 11 major domestic airlines, the number of people who booked domestic flights for 10 days from the 29th of this month to the 8th of next month during the long holidays is about 220 as of the 22nd. The number of people has increased 1.66 times compared to last year, when emergency declarations were issued and cancellations were made one after another due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

According to All Nippon Airways, it recovered to about 60% of the same period three years before the spread of the infection.

The peak of reservations is on the 29th of this month for down flights from Haneda to various places, and on the 5th of next month for up flights.

On the other hand, four of the seven international flights have canceled all flights.

The number of reservations for the three operating companies is approximately 135,000, more than four times the number last year.

Airlines are urging users to take thorough infection control measures, such as continuing to wear masks and lining up at a sufficient distance during times of congestion.