Female-themed works continue to become popular on the screen, and Haiqing, Tong Yao, Zhou Xun, Song Jia, and Song Jia continue to make appointments.

  Mesozoic actresses enter the "second spring"?

  Recently, a number of TV dramas focusing on female themes have landed on the screen one after another. There is "Jiang Zhao Liming" in the front, and "Home in the Heart" later. Even the most popular role in the family drama "Meeting Season" is also played by Yuan Quan. The new elite woman.

  The female protagonists of these urban dramas include senior daughter-in-law professionals such as Haiqing, Yuan Quan and Tong Yao who have become popular again in the past two years, and Ma Sichun, an actor with the name of "Little Flower", who also challenge middle-aged women in online dramas.

For a time, TV dramas with middle-aged women as the protagonists dominated the screen, and middle-aged actresses also got more opportunities to show their talents.

The age dilemma of actresses ushered in a turning point

  The last time I focused on the professional dilemma of Mesozoic actresses, it originated from a shout-out by actor Hai Qing at the closing ceremony of the 13th FIRST Youth Film Festival in 2019.

Together with Yao Chen, Liang Jing, and Song Jia on the stage, she called for more career opportunities for Mesozoic actresses, and for the first time brought the dilemma of "the actresses in the domestic film and television industry who are too old to act" on the stage.

  Nearly three years later, the situation seems to have undergone a fundamental change.

  Haiqing, who is leading the voice, continued to brush her face in many mainstream TV dramas, and in the just-concluded "Home of the Heart", she had a hearty show with actress Tong Yao, who was on the rise.

In 2019, Yao Chen won the double harvest of film and television entertainment with the TV series "Everything is Good" and the movie "Send Me to the Sky", and began to rank among the first-line actresses in domestic dramas.

Song Jia has also opened up the TV drama market with the TV series "Little Shede" in the past few years. At the beginning of this year, the fashion drama "Dressed Up" starring together with Anita Yuan, even moved the big heroine model to the period drama and became the endorsement of a walking strong woman.

Zhou Rong, the daughter of the Zhou family she portrayed in "The World", although the character is quite controversial, her acting skills have been recognized by the audience.

Liang Jing, one of the four, has already taken off her actor's coat, successfully transformed into a producer, and launched many heavyweight works.

  Female-themed dramas with middle-aged women as the protagonists seem to have become a new type favored by the market in the past two years.

According to incomplete statistics, in the drama market in 2022, the popularity of "her content" will continue unabated.

In the future, in addition to the more familiar IP "Ode to Joy", a sequel will be launched, "All About Doctor Tang", "Dear Life", "Long Live Women", "Mama's War", "Ladies' Law" and "They Today" Many other female dramas will also appear one after another.

 Social progress has spawned a female-themed market

  From the big downfall three years ago to the popularity of the market three years later, Mesozoic actresses have stepped out of their predicaments and the changes in the trend of female-themed film and television content have complemented each other.

In the past two years, female-themed dramas seem to have mastered the "traffic password", from "Ode to Joy", which introduced the concept of female group portrait dramas, to "Thirty Only", which refreshed the topic of female dramas, from "My First Half of My Life" adapted from the classic masterpiece. ", to "Xiao Min's Home", which focuses on middle-aged marriage and love.

A large number of film and television dramas featuring "30+" and "40+" female characters as the protagonists have been launched, and Liu Tao, Tong Yao, Yuan Quan, Ma Yili, Zhou Xun, Qin Hailu, etc. have also become actresses selected by the market in this trend.

  Xu Xiaoou, a well-known producer and executive vice president of Ningmeng Films, who has successively produced "Little Joy", "Little Shede", "Thirty Only", "Xiao Min's Home" and other female-themed dramas, said in an interview that nearly two Over the years, the public has had a growing voice for a richer female image.

Among the works created by her, Haiqing and Song Jia have benefited from the "small" series of educational topics and become the mothers of "chicken babies" that are hotly debated by the whole people. Actress Tao Hong in "Little Joy" also won the award for her wonderful performance. The 26th Magnolia Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

  In Xu Xiaoou's view, there were not many movies and TV dramas around middle-aged women in their 30s and 40s in the past, mainly because of the development of Chinese society itself, "In the past, although there were outstanding women in their 40s, the number was relatively small. , in a sporadic state, without forming a group portrait. We are generally unfamiliar and vague to these characters, so in the creation, we still solidify the female image on the family identity. In the past two years, a generation of 40-year-olds has appeared in Chinese society. There are more and more outstanding women in the world, and the public has an increasingly high voice for a richer female image in film and television dramas. This natural theme demand will continue to provide more career opportunities for Mesozoic actresses.”

  Improve acting skills and get rid of homogeneous roles

  When the market demand is fully improved, whether it can catch this "east wind" depends on the Mesozoic actress "Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their magical powers".

  One of the most obvious examples is Liu Tao, an actor who established an elite female character with the "Ode to Joy" series. The image of Andy, the investment bank elite she played in the play, was so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people that she subsequently created multiple roles. All with Andy's shadow.

  The actor Hai Qing, who once held the title of "National Daughter-in-law", obviously surpassed himself again in "Home of the Heart" this time.

In contrast, the actor Tong Yao who played with her is still in her previous role to some extent, and she is also a professional elite character, but Gu Qingyu seems to have retained all the characteristics of Gu Jia in "Thirty Only", even wearing clothes The styles are all close.

  This also seems to indicate that the Mesozoic actress is about to enter another predicament.

After they got rid of the embarrassment of having no dramas to shoot, are there also repeated production and meaningless homogenization of the large number of female-themed and middle-aged marriage-themed dramas that were launched?

Once an actress is fixed with a certain label, it is not difficult to predict how much performance space is left for actresses in the same genre.

  A more diverse content environment can provide actors with more choices.

In the list of films to be broadcast in 2022, the characters of Mesozoic actresses will no longer be limited to the family relationship of mother-in-law and mother, and love will no longer occupy a large amount of space, and the development of women's workplace has become the focus of the story.

In dramas such as "Captain of the Criminal Police", "All About Doctor Tang", "Long Live Women", "Lady's Law" and other dramas, police officers, doctors, kindergarten teachers, lawyers and other professional identities will present more diverse working women in the new era. .

Perhaps, this is also the beginning of a virtuous circle of career development for Mesozoic actresses.

  Our reporter Li Xiazhi