• Series Actor and singer Arturo Arribas dies in a fire in his home in Tetuán

  • Television Jordi Rebellón dies, the actor who gave life to Dr. Vilches in Central Hospital

  • Series The actress Rosa Mariscal, the doctor of Hospital Central, dies at 52

Hospital Central

was one of the longest

-running prime-time

series on television in Spain.

Between 2000 and 2012, Telecinco offered 20 seasons and a total of

300 episodes


Throughout all those years there were many comings and goings between the


and numerous cameos.

In recent years, it seems that

misfortune follows several of its protagonists.


sudden disappearance

of some of them has caused

great commotion among the public.

Rosa Mariscal

, who gave life to

Dr. Valverde in

Hospital Central

during the first six seasons, was the last of the cast to die.



has been the reason for her death at the

age of 52


She also participated in other series such as



7 lives



Mariscal became a

popular face thanks to her character's courtship with Dr. Vilches.

Precisely, Dr. Vilches was played by

Jordi Rebellón

for more than 250 episodes

in two stages: from 2000 to 2007 and from 2009 to 2012, when fiction put an end to its broadcast.

The Catalan died last September at the age of


after having suffered a



In addition, he took part in hits like



Médico de Familia


Another of the mythical actors of

Hospital Central


Arturo Arribas


who played


a health worker at Samur, from 2001 to 2012 and died at the

age of 56

in January of this year during


fire in his home

in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán.

He also worked with directors such as Álex de la Iglesia and Steven Spielberg and on series such as

Leaving Class


Personal Reasons.

A premature loss was also that of the interpreter

Pedro Rebollo

at the

age of 59

in December of last year

, a victim of cancer


The man from Zaragoza was known for his participation in

Aida, The Commissioner


Los Serrano.

José Conde,

another of the actors of

Hospital Central,

was found

dead at his home at the age of 55

in early 2011 after

missing a month

and after spending time in treatment for

psychological problems


His character was the toilet Eduardo Viejo, who appeared in several episodes of the first season.

In the case of the Basque actor

Xabier Erauskin

, a traffic accident when he was

46 years old

was the cause of his death.

This past February, the veteran interpreter

Juan Antonio Quintana

was in a residence in Valladolid at the age of 83.

Quintana became very popular for appearing in series like

Ana and the seven


The ministry of time.

At the end of 2018,

Álvaro de Luna

died at the age of 83.

The actor appeared in several episodes broadcast in 2008. In June 2021, at the age of



Óscar Zafra died


In January of this year, the actress

Carmen de la Maza

died at 81.

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