[Live picture] Li Zhixiong and his wife playing on the boat

  [Commentary] Blue sea and blue sky, drums, and melodious music. A sailboat is full of cargo driving in the typhoon shelter. Three or two fishing boats are approaching from a distance. The fishermen on the boat took bags of anti-epidemic materials from volunteers. The boat floated away again.

On the bow of the boat are the Hong Kongers Li Zhixiong and his wife, who are also the owners of the "Meng Gongzhu" sailboat.

A few years ago, they established the Hong Kong Sailing Entrepreneurship Association, which aims to help young people integrate into society and also provide marine transportation assistance to those in need.

Since the outbreak, the couple has used sailboats to send supplies to the grassroots people in outlying islands and typhoon shelters in Hong Kong to help them tide over the difficulties.

  [Concurrent] Li Zhixiong, captain of "Meng Gongzhu"

  Because the typhoon shelter is a wealthy place, many people will ignore that there are so many poor people. You can really see it with your own eyes today.

In addition, they will also visit with some different organizations.

They also want to devote a lot of resources to some college students to participate in these so-called social work.

Up to now, we have not received any money, we have enough to eat, everyone is happy.

I hope that doing this will affect other people, see us doing things, and be able to invest some resources so that they can be bigger and wider.

  [Commentary] For Captain Li Zhixiong, the sailboat has accompanied him for most of his life, and it is also his and his wife's home on the water.

He knew every piece of wood, every rope on the boat.

In his view, the cold wind in winter and the exposure to the sun in midsummer are unique challenges, and also the charm of sailing.

  [Concurrent] Li Zhixiong, captain of "Meng Gongzhu"

  Hong Kong has been playing sailing for a long time.

I have been in contact with them for at least thirty or forty years.

It is quite hard work, you see that you are sunbathing like this every day, even before summer, your skin color is already like this.

What's more, we have to enter the engine room to repair the engine, and dive underwater (maintenance) in winter. We all have tools on board.

There is no sport, and sailing boats can practice so many qualities. Perseverance, endurance, will, fighting spirit, and teamwork are all indispensable. No sport can be so comprehensive.

  [Explanation] With the support of his wife, Li Zhixiong used his spare time to provide sailing training for interested Hong Kong youths voluntarily, recommending them to participate in sailing events, and also encouraging young people to act as marine docents to promote the historical scenery along the coast for tourists.

  [Concurrent] Li Zhixiong's wife Zeng Peiyi

  We wanted to break with the traditional notion that rich people can sail, but no.

In short we want to provide free opportunities to train them (young people) to play (sailing) and then race.

It seems like this past October, we actually formed three teams, we used three sailboats, and we went out to race.

There are three teams composed of university students from the University of Science and Technology. All of them are very happy, and the principal personally came to cheer.

  [Explanation] In 2003, Li Zhixiong left his hometown and went north to inland cities to do business.

After more than ten years of struggle in the mainland, he has a different feeling for this land.

Under the epidemic, he witnessed the support from mainland compatriots to Hong Kong, which also made him more determined to promote the exchange and understanding of young people in the two places.

  [Concurrent] Li Zhixiong, captain of "Meng Gongzhu"

  In this epidemic, it seems that our materials today, without the support of the central government, relying on Hong Kong to do it will have a certain degree of difficulty. There may be money but no materials can be bought.

Because I bring students from City University or Baptist University in Hong Kong back to the mainland for internships every year, I drive them there by myself.

In fact, speaking now, our project hopes to go to the (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao) Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong universities and mainland universities, we support them.

We (Hong Kong) have returned to China for 25 years. Students from the mainland want to come to Hong Kong (for exchange). How can they go to other islands when they come to Hong Kong?

Our boat can do it.

  [Explanation] Sail hunting, sailing boats ride the wind and waves between the sea and the sky.

The Hong Kong couple said that they hope to use the sailboat to help those in need, and also bring courage and hope to those who are temporarily in distress.

  Reporter Fan Siyi and Luo Siyu report from Hong Kong

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]