Recently, the snow and ice of Ulungu Lake in northern Xinjiang has begun to melt, and the reed pond is lush.

Among the water birds that come to live here is a "world endangered bird" the white-headed duck.

  The white-headed hard-tailed duck belongs to the duck family, which is very typical of social ducks. It has been listed as a national first-class protected animal and an endangered species in the world. It is also the prototype of the "Donald Duck" design. , in China only breeds and finds populations in Xinjiang.

At present, through observation, the population of white-headed hard-tailed ducks found in the Ulungu Lake area is 55, an increase of more than 30 compared with previous years.

  It is understood that the Ulungu Lake Wetland Park is located on the global migration routes of migratory birds in Central Asia and East Africa-West Asia.

  Up to now, there are more than 70 species of birds in the Ulungu Lake Wetland, including white-headed hard-tailed ducks, whooper swans, mute swans, white-tailed sea eagles, cormorants, merganser ducks, red-billed pochards, red hemp ducks, and magpie ducks. The remaining migratory birds live here, some of them continue to the Arctic Ocean after a short rest, and most of the migratory birds choose to thrive in Ulungu Lake.

  (Wang Chengye, Xiaocheng, Chang Huayang, Yang Tao, video source, Fuhai County Rong Media Center)

Responsible editor: [Yu Xiao]