Donated millions of rewards, but still encountered cyber violence "Anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen" resigned and said that he will no longer do live broadcasts. Faced with online disputes, I can't control the traffic.

  The video call was connected, and Chen Guoping asked the Qian Bao reporter: "Do you need a vertical screen or a horizontal screen?" Then, Chen Guoping fixed the phone on the stand. Most of the time, he looked directly at the camera and spoke.

  Chen Guoping's better-known name is "Anti-fraud Police Officer Lao Chen": "Old Chen, Lao Chen, be older, more mature, and more down-to-earth."

  Chen Guoping, 45 years old this year, has experienced two years of ups and downs in "touching the Internet"——

  Two years ago, he didn't watch short videos, and the mothers in the countryside were more trendy than him; a year ago, his live broadcast clips became popular on the Internet, "I am an anti-fraud anchor, what anchor are you" became an Internet buzzword, and the Internet gave him Fame; this year, on April 8, he publicly stated that he decided to resign from public office and focus on public welfare. What followed was overwhelming speculation and attacks, and he fell into the whirlpool of online public opinion.

  "If the live broadcast continues now, some people will keep asking: Do you want to give rewards? Do you bring goods? Do you make money? Is it dirty?" Chen Guoping was a little disgusted.

  More than a week after his resignation, Chen Guoping told a reporter from Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News about his Internet experience and his views on the Internet.

Do not regret resigning, do what you like with conscience

  Chen Guoping was in a whirlpool.

In recent days, Chen Guoping doesn't really want to open a short video platform; in a short time, Chen Guoping may not start a personal live broadcast again.

  There are many speculations on the Internet about the reason for Chen Guoping's resignation, many of which are related to money.

  On March 27, Chen Guoping used the "Old Chen Life Account" to participate in the public welfare live broadcast. When he was PKing with Mai, a huge "carnival icon" suddenly popped up on the screen: a netizen named Simple gave a total of 333 carnivals in succession. Gifts, with a total value of nearly one million yuan.

  When receiving the reward, Chen Guoping was stunned.

In the two years of using the short video platform, he has never seen anyone give so many gifts. He first said "don't swipe", then sighed "scared me", and he could only keep repeating "thank you".

In the live broadcast room, some people questioned at that time: it has deteriorated, and the police officer has become a professional anchor.

  Later, Chen Guoping announced that all the proceeds were donated, and uploaded the donation certificate, but it was still speculated that he used his official position to make money.

After resigning, there are still people who speculate: "He was confused by the millions of rewards and decided to make money in an open and honest way."

  "I dug a hole for myself: the understanding of public welfare on the Internet (yes), you have to be very poor to do public welfare, and if you are a perfect saint." Chen Guoping said, "If the live broadcast continues now, people will keep asking questions. : Do you give a reward? Do you bring goods? Do you make money? Is it dirty?"

  Encountering cyber violence is one of the reasons for Chen Guoping's resignation.

He said: "The rhythm comes in waves, starting with 'Cambodia 6'." On the evening of March 18, Chen Guoping and the anchor "Cambodian 6" Lian Mai, he was criticized by netizens, "the police are scared ”, “talking and laughing, not like the style of public security.”

  The "Millions of Rewards" incident has made waves again.

Online public opinion is boiling, and offline reports and complaints also continue.

Chen Guoping and the Seaport Branch of the Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau, to which he originally belonged, became the targets of the report.

Even after his resignation, there was talk of going to the Harbour Branch to report him.

  Most of the people around Chen Guoping only learned of his resignation after his announcement.

The wife received a notice from him on WeChat: I resigned.

She was very supportive, "I sold the house if I couldn't do it."

  Chen Guoping emphasized: "I am very moved. My wife mentioned that I want to sell the house, which also shows that I have been broadcasting live broadcasts for more than a year, and I really have not made money. I am also the poorest well-known Internet celebrity."

  When he returned to his hometown, the old man in the family cried, feeling that Chen Guoping had given up a secure life.

But he did not regret his resignation. What he regretted was the wording: "I finally figured it out. At that time, I should have said that I will do things with conscience in the future and do what I like."

I'm an anti-fraud anchor, what anchor are you?

  April 12 was the first Douyin live broadcast after Chen Guoping resigned, mainly to chat with fans.

The live broadcast lasted for 40 minutes, with more than 2 million viewers and 60,000 new fans.

  Sometimes, Chen Guoping will look at the account of "Anti-Fraud Police Officer Lao Chen" (now renamed "Haigang Anti-Fraud Center") account that has been returned to the unit, "I see that the number of fans is going down."

  Chen Guoping responded to the doubts about the operation ability.

Some people say that PK's popularity depends on the dressing and actions of other anchors. Chen Guoping thought, "I still have to be praised. Who would have thought that the police are also broadcasting live?" , taking off the police uniform is nothing, Chen Guoping said, "I don't recognize it."

  During the two years of operating the account, almost all of Chen Guoping fought alone: ​​he tried to shoot anti-fraud short dramas and read articles live, and the results were average; until September 2021, he tried live PK and designed the two in advance. Sentences "Have you downloaded the National Anti-Fraud Center APP?" and "I am an anti-fraud anchor, what anchor are you".

Chen Guoping said: "Those two sentences have become Internet buzzwords, which is my pride."

  In the operation of the account, there have been young people who want to join, and in private messages, there are people who want to learn how to be an anchor with Chen Guoping as a teacher.

Chen Guoping never considered signing a contract with an MCN agency. If he signed an agency, it would not be able to provide help and would be more restrictive.

Chen Guoping believed that he had found the traffic password. He mentioned many times, "bring your own traffic", "too much traffic", "Just say a few words and send it out, and there will be one or two million broadcasts."

  Chen Guoping thought that when he made a short video, he would make a content that "no one has ever done before and is meaningful to the society".

By that time, each video will have more than 5 million views.

  He hadn't thought about the day when there would be no more traffic.

Chen Guoping feels that he has experienced the process of live broadcast from tens of thousands to hundreds of people, and then to hundreds of thousands of people. Tell the money newspaper reporter.

Forget previous successes and unhappiness, and live a leisurely life for a while

  In the video of "Old Chen Life Account", Chen Guoping's half body occupies nearly half of the screen, the filter is very weak, the nasolabial lines on his face are obvious, he is always grinning, and has a short watermelon head.

  Born in the countryside, Chen Guoping joined the army in 1996 and spent ten years in the northwest before turning to a police career.

As a child, Chen Guoping dreamed of being a good person and catching bad people.

  Chen Guoping is not a person who is good at words. Sometimes he is anxious when watching his live broadcast clips, and feels that his speech is stuttering.

In the beginning, Chen Guoping broke into a cold sweat as soon as the live broadcast started, not knowing what to say.

  Interestingly, in the earliest released anti-fraud dramas, he almost played the "bad guy".

In those videos, Chen Guoping's expression was much more vivid, his face wrinkled into a ball, and he shouted at his "accomplices".

The person who was filming together once said: "We ridiculed him after the filming. Lao Chen is the policeman who most resembles the boss of the underworld."

  Chen Guoping feels that, in general, he is a person who loves tossing, "If I don't like tossing, I will not do this (resigning). I have experienced a lot in my life. Even if I go home to herd sheep, I will do better than others. "

  "Forget yesterday's successes and unhappiness, and live the present." In the days after his resignation, Chen Guoping did not make arrangements for himself. If there were temporary interviews and activities, he would accept them. If not, he would chat with friends and have bubble tea. Live a leisurely life for a while.

Afterwards, Chen Guoping changed the subject: "Are you going to ask again, where does my money come from? All I can say is that people can't chase after money."

  Assuming it doesn't make sense to Chen Guoping, he doesn't like to think about it, what would happen if he never started a live broadcast?

What if I wasn't a police officer in the first place?

What he thought was that even without that million live broadcasts, the wave of online controversy would come sooner or later, "I can't control my traffic anymore."

  Our reporter Chen Xinyi