Watch what the heavyweight world champion did to a passenger who upset him on the plane!

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The former boxer and world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, was involved in a quarrel yesterday evening, Wednesday, with a passenger who was on a plane heading from San Francisco airport to another in Florida, and appeared in a drunk video while joking with him in a way that annoyed him.

At one point, Tyson had to get up from his seat to hit the young man's face with quick and light punches, to stop him alone, but it left clear traces on his face, according to TMZ, a website specialized in star and celebrity news, with news that was quoted by an eyewitness, The 56-year-old boxer "was so friendly and gentle at first with the young man and the other passengers, that he even took a selfie with him."

However, the passenger, who was sitting completely behind him, returned to continue joking and approached his ears to hear what he was saying, so Tyson asked him to stop repeatedly, but he continued what he was inconvenience, which provoked Tyson and pushed him to hit him, forcing him to seek medical attention. Then to the police and filed a complaint against him.

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