【Cultural Analysis】

  The Shaanxi Archaeological Museum recently announced that it will open to the public on a trial basis on April 28.

According to media reports, the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum is the first professional archaeological museum in my country with the trinity of "scientific excavation-protection and utilization-display and interpretation".

Relying on the results of archaeological excavation and research in Shaanxi over the past century, the museum has opened the "historical phonograph" that has been covered in dust for thousands of years, and "talks the story" like a smoke of the past.

  "The towering tree must have its roots; the water of the mountains must have its source." The unearthed cultural relics are the material carrier of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years, and are the living witness of the history of human existence and development. Behind every important cultural relic, there is a A historical story worth savoring.

Many cultural and museum institutions have concentratedly "pushed" precious cultural relics to the public, allowing people to have a close look at the cultural relics and history.

Through salvage, excavation and design, it is an important practical significance of archaeological work to let the cold cultural relics "speak" and have cross-temporal intersection with modern people.

  "Look at Shanxi for above-ground cultural relics, and look at Shaanxi for underground cultural relics." The news of the trial opening of the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum has attracted social attention, and it is no accident.

The museum's collection of cultural relics is colorful and has a strong impact.

From Li Jie's phoenix crown, known as "the most gorgeous phoenix crown in the history of archaeology", to "star cultural relics" such as Shangguan Wan'er's epitaph and Yan Zhenqing's handwritten epitaph of Luo Wanshun; There are precious cultural relics unearthed from the tomb, and the cultural relics unearthed from famous sites such as Banpo Site, Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Famen Temple Underground Palace, Hanyang Mausoleum, etc. The Shaanxi Archaeological Museum arranges many precious cultural relics to appear colorfully, which can be called a feast of Chinese culture.

  The museum focuses on archaeology itself, focusing on showing the archaeological process to the public, with distinctive features.

Archaeology is not just "digging treasures", but also involves archaeological investigation, exploration, excavation, site protection, laboratory restoration, archaeological research and many other aspects. It is a specialized job that needs to endure loneliness.

It is also a kind of popular science to seriously introduce the history of the development of archaeology, the process of archaeology and the life of archaeologists.

Ancient events can be tested, and the rich archaeological discoveries can finally meet with the world, which precipitates the hard years of generations of archaeologists who have struggled and struggled unremittingly.

These years and past events, together with many cultural relics, are "talked about" by the museum, which enriches people's understanding and understanding of archaeological spirits such as not being afraid of hardships, being willing to be lonely, "going to the poor and falling to the Yellow Springs, and finding things with hands and feet" , but also of enlightening significance to modern people.

  In addition, in the way of telling, the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum not only upholds professional rigor, but also strives to be "lovable and amiable".

Set up lively topics such as "What skin care did men use in the Spring and Autumn Period", "What was hidden in the national warehouse before 2000", and "What is the difference in the production process of Qin and Han tiledang" to satisfy the public's curiosity.

After the overall relocation, the Hejiazhuang Chema Pit was directly "packaged" and moved into the exhibition hall, allowing the audience to experience the archaeological environment "immersively".

Add interactive "Oracle", "Flipboard", "Maze Diagram" and other small organs to make the tour of the exhibition beneficial and interesting.

  "Let the cultural relics speak and tell people the wisdom of history." As the state and local governments pay more and more attention to the protection of cultural relics and archaeology, the number of museums across my country has increased significantly in recent years. There are more than 300 museums in Shaanxi Province alone.

Overall consideration, scientific distribution, focus on differentiation, specialization, and interest, and achieving harmony and difference, can arouse the enthusiasm of the public for viewing exhibitions to a greater extent, meet the needs of different groups of people, ensure the utilization rate of venues, and effectively play the role of museums as a university. "The social function that inspires and influences people.

  (Author: Li Sihui, Distinguished Researcher at the News Review Research Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)