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Legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, 55, 'Nuclear Fist', struck a passenger in the backseat of a plane and caused a stir.

According to video obtained by TMZ of the United States, Tyson was boarding a plane that was scheduled to depart Chicago on the 21st (local time) and before take off, he clashed with a passenger seated right behind him.

A male passenger who claimed to be Tyson's fan continued to film Tyson's appearance as the passenger boarded the plane, and he even asked Tyson to take a commemorative photo.

It didn't stop there, and as this passenger approached, continuing to speak, Tyson said "Navigation" and, breaking this, swung his fists as he spoke again.

Tyson swung his fist several times toward the head of a male passenger sitting in the back seat while standing, and the assault was stopped at the restraint of the party next to him.

The passenger suffered a bleeding injury to his head.

Tyson claimed that the passenger in the back seat was intoxicated and did not stop provocation.

Tyson got off the plane himself after assaulting a passenger in the back seat.

The passenger, who suffered injuries to his head, was reported to have been investigated by authorities after receiving first aid.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)