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Families in danger of extinction


Yousef al-Sharif


April 20 2022

I will not talk about an animal that did not preserve its lineage, and was not able to meet the environmental challenges or the wildlife in the world and the law of the jungle, so it is now threatened with extinction. Rather, I will talk about the first building block of society .. about the “family” that is now threatened with extinction, in light of its inability to cope with changes The social role around her diminished, her position diminished, and her influence was often lost. Indeed, in many cases, she could no longer confront the laws and nature of the age, which were torn apart by events and accidents around her, and made her a secondary matter that may have no effect during the coming period.

There is no surprise or disapproval for this proposition, and this comparison, because it has come across the truth, and it contains a large part of the truth. Families are really on the verge of extinction, after extended families have become extinct, and every person is living alone, far from his large family, and after the role of grandfather, grandmother and uncle has diminished. Aunt, uncle and aunt, here we are on the cusp of diminishing the role of the mother and father, if not actually diminished, especially if we look at things from the angle of the rise of the new generation that is loaded with ideas of independence and exclusivity of opinion, and always looks at itself as a time of openness, and that its skills enable it From demanding that independence, away from his family and the controls and ties that govern it.

Someone may say, and he is right, that you may “exaggerate”, and I reply and say: Why not exaggerate, and I have the right to exaggerate this issue, especially when we are facing the extinction of our most important social components, which for years remained the protective shield for our societies and generations, and it is the one who brought us out and brought forth generations for us. They made our achievements, our position, and our morals, and today they disregard them, and they want them to disintegrate, disintegrate and disintegrate?

Why not exaggerate when we witness violent waves hitting their roots, breaking their branches, ripping them apart, disintegrating their fabric, and violating their fruits?

Why not exaggerate when we are in front of houses that have become hotels for sleeping only, and families gather only in the family book?

Our families will become extinct, and do not ask me: what is the solution?

The solution is not for me this time. The speed of extinction is faster than any solution. Within a few years the extended family has become extinct, and within a few years we will find ourselves in front of families whose components are not taken into account. And its impact will change our religious, moral and human sentiments, and soon we will become visitors in our homes, strangers to our brothers, and I am not talking here about myself or about my generation, as these are still friendly between them to some extent, but the disintegration of future generations will be greater and more harsh on the reality of our societies, so let us turn to this problem And we address it by all available means, through the pulpits of mosques and various media platforms, before our families become extinct and we can no longer revive them.

The “family” is threatened with extinction in light of its inability to face the social changes around it.



* Lawyer and media writer

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