China News Service, April 20. According to Dagong Wenhui's all-media reports, since the Hong Kong SAR government launched the "rehabilitation record QR code" on the 19th, Huang Zhiguang, deputy government information technology director of the SAR government, said that as of 7:30 on the 20th, it has been 150,000 people downloaded the "rehabilitation record QR code", and the platform has enough capacity to handle the number of registrations, and most people can complete the registration process within 1 to 2 minutes.

  The SAR government updated the government computer system on the 19th, so that recovered patients from the new crown can obtain the "recovery record QR code" online, and the recovery record can be added to the vaccination record two-dimensional code, so that recovered patients can enter the "vaccine pass" premises, which is valid for 180 days.

  For some citizens who reported that the platform could not display their recovery records after entering their personal data, Huang Zhiguang believed that the information entered by the relevant citizens may be different from the data when the diagnosis was initially reported, or that they did not report to the Department of Health after the diagnosis. Citizens with problems can call Department of Health hotline 25695777, or through the email system to inquire about records.

  Huang Zhiguang said that the QR code scanner program of the relevant premises has been updated to support scanning "rehabilitation record QR code". In order to prevent others from sharing the same QR code, new functions have been added, such as scanning QR code in a short time. If the code is entered more than once, a special sound will be issued to remind the person in charge of the premises to pay attention.