On April 19, a reporter from China News Agency learned from the Jiangsu Aid Shanghai Medical Team that recently, nurse Jiaying (pseudonym), who is working in Shanghai Lingang Fangcang shelter hospital, calls her family every day in order not to worry her parents who are working in Shanghai. Reported safety, saying that he was working in Nanjing.

As the nucleic acid test was positive, the two parents were sent to Shanghai Lingang Fangcang shelter hospital for isolation and treatment. In order to reassure the child, the two elderly people told the child that everything was fine... This most tearful lie moved many netizens.

  For several days in a row, the family was in the same makeshift hospital, reporting safety to each other every day and caring for each other.

On April 15, Jiaying (pseudonym)'s mother developed mild symptoms such as persistent vomiting, low-grade fever, and poor appetite. When her daughter felt that her mother's condition was not good, the mother chose to tell her the truth. Subsequently, Jiaying (pseudonym) was sent to her mother. He went to Huashan Hospital for isolation treatment, and Jiaying (pseudonym) also met his father in the Fangcang isolation ward.

At present, Jiaying (pseudonym)'s mother's physical condition has improved significantly, and her appetite has gradually recovered.

  On the afternoon of the same day, the reporter contacted Jiaying (pseudonym), a member of the Fangcang team of the Jiangsu Aid Shanghai Medical Team. She told the reporter that in the face of the epidemic, as a medical worker, it is my duty to stand on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

She also hopes that her parents' bodies will recover as soon as possible, and she believes that Shanghai will get better soon!

  (Chen Yanping produced Ge Yong's video from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University)

Responsible editor: [Chen Wentao]