The Japan Tourism Agency has announced that it will extend the implementation period of the "Prefectural Citizens' Discount," which is a measure to stimulate tourism demand to receive discounts on travel prices, until the end of May, but will not support long holidays.

It is said that the increased congestion may spread the infection of the new coronavirus.

The "Prefectural Discount", which allows you to receive coupons that can be used to discount travel prices and purchase souvenirs, has expanded the target area since April 1, and is available nationwide in addition to traveling within the prefecture where you live or in neighboring prefectures. Was divided into 6 areas, and support was also provided for travel within the area.

Regarding this prefectural discount, the Japan Tourism Agency will extend the implementation period from April 28th to the end of May, while the support will be provided from April 29th to May 8th, which is a long holiday. I decided to exclude it.

The Japan Tourism Agency says that the reason for excluding the Golden Week holidays is that applying discounts during this period may lead to heavy congestion and spread the infection of the new corona.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, as of the 20th, 44 prefectures excluding Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi prefectures have introduced the prefectural discount.

On the other hand, regarding "Go To Travel," which is currently suspended, the Japan Tourism Agency will carefully determine when to resume it after assessing the infection status.