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Headline: The Battle of Donbass has begun in Ukraine

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Tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a street in a village in the Donetsk region, April 18, 2022. © REUTERS / SERHII NUZHNENKO

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A rain of bombs, dozens of Russian strikes last night on the Donbass.

The Kremlin begins the battle for eastern Ukraine

 ", headlines the

Washington Post

, the " 

dreaded battle

 " has begun, also underlines the

New York Times

for which " 

artillery and rocket fire are no doubt that the prelude to a larger assault

 ” by Russian forces in the Donbass.

Perhaps a turning point in the war

 ", underlines the American daily, " 

if he manages to take control of the region, Vladimir Putin could thus claim a semblance of victory

 », 3 weeks after its failure to take the capital kyiv in the north of the country.


10,000 Russian soldiers

 ” would be engaged in this conquest of the east, reports for its part the

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 


in this Donbass where the Ukrainian forces have already been fighting the Russian separatists for 8 years


This new phase of the war promises to be brutal

 ", fears the

Washington Post,

while Russia " 

seems to have learned the lessons of its failure in the north

 ", " 

in particular by destroying in recent days weapons sites to weaken the Ukrainian defences

 ", further emphasizes the


, which specifies that " 

President Biden is scheduled to speak with US allies and partners today

 ” about this new phase of the Russian invasion.

The sinking of the


could have caused dozens of victims

The sinking of the warship causes tensions in the country

 ", reports the

Washington Post

, in Russia " 

where the anger of the families who report the death or the disappearance of sailors is rumbling, while the Ministry of Defense says that all the crew was evacuated



The mother of a young sailor from the Moskva says (however) that dozens of people died during the sinking

 ”, underlines for its part the 


which thus collected testimonies from several families.

Families " 

who are demanding answers while the total number of dead and missing from a crew of 500 sailors remains a state secret

 ", notes the


, which points out that " 

the authorities' efforts to suppress all information

 " are now arousing comparisons with another tragedy, “ 

that of the Kursk submarine

”, the sinking of which in 2000 left 118 dead and dealt “ 

a serious blow to the prestige of young President Putin


New photos of the Russian cruiser also show that it was probably hit by Ukrainian missiles

 ", notes the


again , which invalidates the Kremlin's assertions invoking " 

an accidental fire


Two British soldiers in exchange for Putin's friend?

Moscow and Kiev have embarked on a dramatic escalation of the propaganda war

 ," comments the


, which reports that the Russians " 

have broadcast on television the appeals of the two Britons captured in Ukraine, Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin

 " who are pleading

Boris Johnson to release them in exchange for Medvedchuk.


The Ukrainian oligarch, Putin's ally, whose Ukrainians also released a video asking to be exchanged



This is the first time that an exchange of prisoners has been so publicly exploited between the two countries

 ”, underlines the


, for which “ 

this increases the pressure on Boris Johnson


He will have to negotiate with Vladimir Putin

 ," said

La Repubblica


Boris Johnson faces Parliament  amid '


 ' turmoil

Boris Johnson risks being forced into " 

a walk of shame

 " in Parliament, explains the

Daily Mirror

, while the Prime Minister must address MPs " 

for the 1st time after the fine he received for having violates the anti-Covid containment rules


The Prime Minister is going to have to present his official apologies

 ", underlines for his part the


, and he risks " 

a parliamentary inquiry into whether he knowingly misled the House when he assured last December that he had followed all the instructions to the letter


If the attempt “ 

for a no-confidence motion would almost certainly fail ”, the


 still believes

, some conservatives could support it if “ 

other fines were to follow

 ” against the Prime Minister.


Boris Johnson remains on an ejection seat

 ”, comments on his side the




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