(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) "Post-00" twin brothers tacit understanding to fight the epidemic: go all out for home and country

  China News Service, Jilin, April 17 (Reporter Cangyan Shi Hongyu) Even if he takes off his protective clothing, the squad leader cannot tell which is Zhang Yanglong and which is Zhang Jinlong.

Because of the epidemic, the twin brothers bid farewell to "flame blue" temporarily and became the "big white" in people's mouths, and went into the "epidemic" battle.

  Although I couldn't tell what the brothers looked like, as long as the squad leader said, "Long'er, I have a mission." Zhang Yanglong and Zhang Jinlong, who were in the same squad, would respond at the same time and go all out.

Zhang Yanglong (first from the right) is carrying supplies, courtesy of Zhang Jinlong

  Zhang Yanglong and Zhang Jinlong, who were born in 2000, are now firefighters of the Fourth Squadron of the Huadian Brigade of the Jilin City Forest Fire Brigade. After the current round of the epidemic in Jilin City, the brigade was responsible for checkpoint duty, transporting supplies and killing tasks.

  Although the twin brothers are in the same squadron, it is difficult for the two to speak a few words after a busy day.

You can only meet when you are on a mission together.

"My brother understands me. As long as I look at me, he knows what I want to do." Brother Zhang Jinlong said, for example, when I look at him when sorting vegetable bags, he will help me "hands-on".

  Tacit understanding comes from familiarity.

"It's like when I called 'brother' when I was a child, and he knew whether I wanted water or a charger." Zhang Jinlong said with a smile that he was more "steady", while his brother's personality was more cheerful.

Zhang Yanglong (first from the left) is sorting vegetable packs, courtesy of Zhang Jinlong

  Zhang Yanglong was noncommittal about his younger brother's statement, "He is more willing to 'bear' me." Zhang Yanglong said that he and his younger brother have a very deep relationship. They grew up together and joined the team to join "Flaming Blue". The two brothers' choices have always been the same.

  Although he was wearing protective clothing, a face screen and goggles, and covered tightly, Zhang Jinlong could always recognize his brother in the crowd.

"His back is facing me, I know him."

Photo courtesy of Zhang Yanglong (first from the right) killing Zhang Jinlong for his teammates

  Since the Huadian Brigade is more than 100 kilometers away from Jilin City, it takes 48 hours for each mission to return to the station for "rotation".

When the brothers were on duty in Jilin City, they only took short breaks in the car or tent at night.

  Zhang Yanglong said that as the first batch of "post-00s", it is a matter of course to protect the hometown and the motherland.

  Zhang Jinlong and his brother Zhang Yanglong are not at the same location, separated by a street.

"It's still cold at night, but you have to stick to it." Zhang Jinlong knew that his brother must not have slept at this time.