It has been 15 years since the former mayor of Nagasaki City, Iccho Itoh, was shot dead in 17 days.

A civic rally was held in Nagasaki City on the 16th, and participants renewed their determination to create a violence-free city.

Former Mayor Iccho Itoh of Nagasaki City died after being shot by a gangster in front of an election office near JR Nagasaki Station on April 17, 2007, 15 years ago when he was campaigning for the fourth term. Did.

In Nagasaki City, a civic rally for the expulsion of violence has been held since the year after the incident, and about 200 people participated on the 16th.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Tomihisa Taue of Nagasaki City said, "It has been 15 years since the former mayor Ito was hit by a deadly bullet, but the world has been suffering from great violence called war, such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine. As citizens of the Peaceful City, I strongly feel that we need to continue to speak out. "

At the venue, the declaration of expulsion of violence was read aloud, and the participants renewed their determination to create a violence-free city.

A male member of the crime prevention association who participated said, "The incident was shocking. I want to make the city safe and secure for children."

Bereaved family of former Mayor Ito "Sadness and anger in the misery of Ukraine"

Fifteen years before the incident, the bereaved family of former Mayor Ito commented on NHK's interview.

The bereaved family said, "What exactly are humans doing?" Because the former mayor has been working toward the realization of peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons during his lifetime. I can't help but recollect the words of the 2006 Nagasaki Peace Declaration. I am deeply saddened and indignant at the situation where unreasonable violence killed innocent people, chased their homes, and shed tears. The fact that the people of the world are angry at the violence that is being shaken and united across national borders will be the power to realize a truly peaceful world that does not allow any violence, and will abolish nuclear weapons. I sincerely hope that we will continue to promote our efforts. "

Background of the incident

The incident happened 15 years ago in 2007, five days before the Mayor of Nagasaki election, before 8:00 pm on April 17, in front of the busy JR Nagasaki Station.

Mayor Iccho Itoh, who was running for the fourth term, was attacked when he returned to the election office near JR Nagasaki Station from the destination of the speech.

A man from a gangster attacked him and died after being shot with a pistol from a distance of only 3 meters.

The man was arrested on the spot on suspicion of attempted murder. He stated that he was dissatisfied with Nagasaki City's response and motivated the incident.

The trial began in January 2008, nine months after the incident.

Then, in May of that year, in a judgment of the first instance held by the Nagasaki District Court, the court said, "It is a ferocious and sneaky crime that has shaken democracy from the ground up and shook society as a whole. It is unavoidable, "he said, and sentenced him to death, which is unusual for one person's death.

In the judgment of the second trial held by the Fukuoka High Court in September of the following year, "The death penalty must be applied carefully and carefully, and it is necessary to fully consider that there is only one victim. He revoked the death sentence of the first instance and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Both sides had appealed, but in January 2012, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal and the sentence of life imprisonment was finalized.

Then, in January, the man died at the age of 72 due to illness at the Osaka Medical Prison where he was in prison.