On April 16, the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft completed all its scheduled tasks and returned to the Dongfeng landing site.

The Shenzhou 13 flight crew has been in orbit for more than 180 days since "staying" at the Chinese space station last year, setting a new record for Chinese astronauts' stay in space on a single mission.

In the meantime, the three astronauts set a number of new records in China's spaceflight.

A total of two out-of-vehicle missions were performed, two space lectures were completed, and they had friendly interactions with Chinese and foreign youths through "Heavenly Palace Dialogue" and other heaven-earth connection activities.

Chinese astronauts staged "cosmic romance" and "world-class stunning".

We will never stop in the expedition to the stars and the sea. Welcome the astronauts home!

(Produced by Li Jiali)

Responsible editor: [Lu Yan]