Last year, a junior high school girl was found dead in a snowy park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, and a third-party committee of the City Board of Education held a meeting on the 15th and identified it as bullying in an interim report. I clarified the details.

The city's superintendent of education apologized for a number of bullying cases, including requests for sexual activity and repetitive bullying.

In March of last year, Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), who was a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa City, was found dead in a park in the city where snow was piled up. On the 27th of last month, based on interviews with related students and faculty members, I notified the bereaved family of an interim report stating that bullying was recognized in six items.

Junsei Tsujimoto, chairman of the third-party committee, held a press conference on the afternoon of the 15th, revealing the details of the numerous bullies identified in the interim report, such as requests for sexual activity and repetitive bullying.

According to that, in April three years ago, when Mr. Sousai entered junior high school and played an online game with three senior male students who became acquainted, three people repeated sexual topics in a group call. In mid-April or late April, one of them touched my body in the park, and it was confirmed that such an act was the first item of bullying.

Then, around 3 o'clock midnight during the consecutive holidays from April to May, it became a story to gather in the park with three senior male students, and while Mr. Sousai left home to keep his promise, he was taken back to his mother. The three of them did not go out after all and did not tell it to Mr. Sousai, so it was confirmed that such an act was the second item of bullying.

After that, during the period from mid-May to mid-June, when senior female students met Sousai-san in the park, they frequently paid for sweets and drinks, so the third item was bullying. It was certified as a hit.

During this time, on June 3, when a senior male student attending another junior high school exchanged with Sousai on LINE, he continued to request video transmission of sexual acts almost consistently for four and a half hours. , Was certified as the fourth item of bullying.

This schoolboy sent the sent image to another student, and the student who received it showed it to another student, so although this is not recognized as bullying, "It is necessary to think like bullying. There is. "

In addition, on June 15, five senior students, a total of five male and female students from two schools, Sousai's junior high school and another junior high school, repeatedly asked Sousai, who dislikes her, to do her own sexual acts. Because he did not try to stop it, the series of actions was recognized as the fifth item of bullying.

Then, on June 22, a senior male student who was allegedly requested to send a video continued to make fun of Sousai in the park, and Sousai said, "I'm going to die." These acts are the sixth item of bullying because the senior female student who was supposed to have made an inappropriate statement such as "I'm not saying that I will die even though I do not feel like dying". Was certified.

Sousai then entered the rain-flooded river, and even after she was pulled up, she repeatedly panicked, "I want to die," and then she was hospitalized.

Superintendent of Education "We deeply apologize to the bereaved family."

Shinichi Kurobata, the director of the Asahikawa City Board of Education who attended the press conference, said that he did not have enough in-depth interviews with the students involved at the time. We deeply apologize to the bereaved family for not being aware of this. "

Mr. Tsujimoto, the chairman of the third-party committee, said, "It has been pointed out that the investigation took a long time, but the committee has done its best. If it is enough, I would like to fill it up for the final report. "

In the future, the third-party committee will investigate the history of Sousai's death, the response of the school and the city board of education, and measures to prevent recurrence, and will finalize the final report by the end of August. I am.

Sousai's mother's comment "I want you to feel the weight of life"

After the meeting of the third-party committee, a lawyer representing the bereaved family held a press conference and read out the comments of Mr. Sousai's mother.

In this, her mother said, "I was finally certified as bullying. I still feel like I'm about to break my heart, and it's been repeated for the past year," she reveals her current feelings. Did.

Also, regarding the fact that the school and the board of education did not recognize bullying for about three years after being consulted, "The school was in a situation where anyone could see that it was bullying, but why is it not bullying?" I still wonder if I was able to assert that. When I saw my daughter suffering all the time and remembered the time when she was suffering until just before her death, it was really painful, painful, and tears spilled. I wanted you to admit that it was bullying at that time. "

She then appealed to the perpetrators, "I hope the perpetrators will be aware that bullying is a horrifying thing that can kill people and feel the weight of their lives."

Attorney for the bereaved family "I can't find a sense of responsibility as an educator."

After the press conference of the third-party committee, a lawyer representing the bereaved family met and announced their comments.

In the beginning, the content of the interim report states that "the bullying claimed by the bereaved family is widely recognized."

On the other hand, regarding the response of the school and the board of education, "why did you keep avoiding the recognition of bullying and why you couldn't save Mr. Sousai's life?" It was difficult to understand why it took three years to certify that, and the school's attitude, which is far from early detection and early response, has a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission as an educator who protects the lives and health of children. I can't find it. "

After that, he told the faculty and staff, "If we were thorough in early detection and early response to bullying damage, Mr. Sousai had graduated from junior high school in March. Why did Mr. Sousai hold a graduation ceremony for only one person? I would like all the faculty members who stand on the podium to remember that it was their problem. "

On the bereaved side, the voice of the bereaved family is not reflected in this interim report, and the third-party committee makes "findings" that the fact-finding regarding the acceptance of important victims is lacking in the recognition of bullying. It is a policy to submit to.